This is the experience that Bapu gave to Mr. Vijay Bhingarde at Ratnagiri from his own words.
Bapu asked Mr. Vijay Bhingarde to stay at Ratnagiri from 18 th May 2001. Mr. Bhingarde has his own residence at Ratnagiri. From that day onwards Mr. Bhingarde had dreams of Bapu, Nandamata & Suchitdada.

At very early morning around 3.30 AM of Wednesday, 6 th June 2001, Bapu came to his dream. Bapu was talking with Mr. Bhingarde in a dream. Bapu put TILAK on his forehead. Suddenly Bapu changed his usual dress code to dress code of Lord Krishna. As we saw in Lord Krishna picture, Bapu was wearing the ornaments like Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna gave the best smile to Mr. Vijay Bhingarde.

Suddenly, Lord Krishna(Bapu) changed his look to Dattaguru. Dattaguru offered a Paduka and a Brick to Mr. Bhingarde. Dattaguru asked to establish Paduka at Karjat and a brick at Ratnagiri. Dattaguru told Mr. Bhingarde that the person who will pray in front of this Paduka & Brick all his wishes get fulfilled.

This all happened in dream.

Mr. Bhingarde woke up from his dream & feared some what. He also feels that there is somebody outside his residence. So he opened the door, he saw a well figured tall Sadhu ( like Vivekanand ) was standing outside the door. Due to poor light Mr. Bhingarde could not see his face clearly. But Mr. Bhingarde saw his mustache very clearly. Just by pointing the finger that Sadhu called Mr. Bhingarde nearer to him. Sadhu gave a Paduka & Brick from his ZOLI ( Carry Bag ). Mr. Bhingarde heared the echo sound of 'TATHASTU'. Just like that sound is comming from Bramhand.

Mr. Bhingarde just saw down at Paduka & a Brick then saw up to the Sadhu then that Sadhu disappeared.

Mr. Bhingarde returned back to his room & called his wife Vinita. Mr. Bhingarde was just shivering at that moment also. Vinitatai asked Vijaybhai regarding the TILAK at his forehead. Vijaybhai said that TILAK was put by Bapu in his dream. How it is possible then? Vinitatai came up with a mirror and Vijaybhai again surprized that there was a big TILAK on his forehead.

Mr. Bhingarde called his sister-in-law and they performed Bapu Upasana & Gajar & Arati.

After some time Mr. Bhingarde called Suchitdada & informed him regarding the whole episode.

On 6th June at around 12 noon from Mumbai, Bapu send around 25 bhaktas to Ratnagiri to take darshan of Paduka & Brick.

Nandamata asked Mr. Bhingarde to cultivate Tulsi Vrindavan at the place where that Sadhu was standing.

On Saturday 9th June 2001, all upasanas of Bapu were cancelled and asked to all bhaktas to participate in special welcome ceremony of Paduka at Juinagar.

At Juinagar, around 5 PM there was a grand procession to welcome Paduka of none other than Dattaguru nor Lord Krishna but of Lord Aniruddha Bapu. After the procession the Paduka was placed for darshan to all Bapu bhaktas. At the regular timing of Juinagar Temple there was arati and after that again darshan was open. Also the temple was open till that time.

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