On 14-08-2005 Dr. Yogindra Joshi explained ANANYPREMSWAROOPA ANIRUDDHA in his HINDI Discourse.



This is our SADGURUSIDDHA TARAK MANTRA. There is no need to make this MANTRA SIDDHA like other MANTRAS because this MANTRA itself is SWAYAMSIDDHA and SAHAJSIDDHA because the BAPU, ANIRUDDHA HIMSELF is SWAYAMSIDDHA and SAHAJSIDDHA. Otherwise any other MANTRA is of no use without its SIDDHI has been performed.

But since this MANTRA is easily available to us we don’t feel its importance. We know the final aim of this human birth is DEVOTION (BHAKTI) and hence we make efforts to follow this PATH of BHAKTI.

Our NANDAI, SACCHIDANANDA SHAKTI of BAPU takes our care like a mother who takes care of her child learning to walk for the first time.

We always think that why this MANASAMRTHYA is required or why only BAPU can give us that? As we all know that the greatest SAMARTHYA or STRENGTH is of LOVE in this universe. The power of LOVE is very great amongst all evil, bad or good powers of different types. Today disastrous powers are topping the world. Love and Strength (Samarthya) both are one and the same. We can’t gain Samarthya without love. There may be many great powers in the world but the power of LOVE is greatest of all.

When there was nothing in this universe Theory of Singularity or BIG BANG Theory says from one point these ANANT KOTI BRAHMANDA had been created. The same concept in our SPIRITUALISM language says that the first POINT is KRISHNATATVA and RADHA TATVA was separated from HIM. Our BAPU ANIRUDDHA is that PARAM PREMAMYI KRISHNATATVA and our NANADAI is RADHATATVA who is SACCHIDANANDA SHAKTI. So RADHA is called as AADIAACHARYA and SHESH SHAKTI (DAU SUCHITDA) is AADISHESH.

Whatever thing happens in this world is because the same is WISH of SHRIHARI and RADHA’S wish is only SHRIHARI and SHRIHARI’S WISH is RADHA.

Due to strength and power of LOVE a mother can give birth to her child and due to this SAMARTHYA of LOVE my birth, welfare and death is possible.

Just after birth of a new born baby first food is mother’s milk. This mother’s milk is very easy to digest for a child when nothing can be digested. Even however weak is that new born child he can digest that milk. Mother takes care till time child doesn’t become independent. In early childhood she teaches you to speak, learn and walk. Thus mother’s love is ANIRUDDHA that no body can resist and oppose. A mother bears toughest delivery pain due to this ANIRUDDHA LOVE for her child. See even when little child passes stool or urine when he is in mother’s lap, mother never beats him. When a child is sick , he wants his mother should be present nearby him, so that he can hug her, he can hold her hand. This touch of mother gives SAMARTHYA of SAMIPYA (Closeness) Similarly a devotee likes BAPU’S SAMIPYA and sings




Because that devotee always knows that



See even mother is suffering from however high fever and her child becomes sick with fever she will get up and serve to her child first , neglecting her own health.

Some person may say that the greatest power of SAMARTHYA lies in MONEY, TONGUE, POWER or SIDDHI. VISHWAMITRA, DURVASA and SHATANIK had also misunderstood this thing. But finally they also repented that they can’t not do any thing without SAMARTHYA of LOVE.


RAMNAM BINU GIRA NASOHA- that tongue does not have beauty if it doesn’t chant RAM NAM. The mouth which doesn’t utter RAM NAM should be considered as a hole of snake.

YOGIDADA said that even Ravan , Kansa and Shishupal were having SAMARTHYA and POWER but that become SHAP (cursing) for them as there was no LOVE for HIM. LOVE always gives you a BOON. The love for SHRI HARI”S CHARAN is BOON of LOVE only.

Think that if a mother who gives birth to a child has this much love than what will be love of that VISHWA MAULI ANIRUDDHA who has given birth to the entire Universe.

Our BAPU is ANANYAPREMSWAROOPA.ANANYAPREMSWAROOPA SHAKTI of the universe has incarnated in form of our BAPU. Love is not a thing of give and take nature, that has to be experienced. LOVE is ANUBHAVGAMYA. My BAPU is PREMGAMYA. HE is the only ANANYAPREMSWAROOPA.

SHRIVITTHAL – 9th INCARNATION was standing with 2 hands on HIS waist. See, HE has no weapons or SHASTRA in HIS hands because HIS greatest SHASTRA and ASTRA is LOVE. Today this VITTHAL BHAGVAN has incarnated in ANIRUDDHA ROOPA.

We have seen that when our BAPU dances we feel like every ANU and RENU , every atom of this world is dancing. Hence PIPADA says-


My BHAGVAN ANIRUDDHA is ANANYAPREMSWAROOPA , no one can love like HIM. No other LOVE can be compared with HIS LOVE.

However every one can be PAPI or PUNYAVAN , BAPU never discriminate between devotees. ANIRUDDHA is our DATA (DONOR) and no one with return back empty handed from HIS door.


YOGIDADA told that mother’s milk is never available in market or departmental stores at any rate. Similarly BAPU’S LOVE , SADGURU’S LOVE can’t be made available at any where. HE looks after us with HIS KOORMADRUSHTI (tortoise look), means though we are far way from HIM , HE takes all our care.

However bad or evil we are BAPU’S Love has no limits for any one. BAPU’S love is not only for human beings , but HE equally loves all living beings which we have learnt from story of cows at GOVIDYAPEETHAM and Parrot sitting on AUDUMBAR tree at HAPPY HOME.

PREMTATVA is nothing but ANIRUDDHATATVA.BAPU has abundant LOVE as HE is the only one who can give MANASAMRTHYA also. This SAMARTHYA of MAN is nothing but ANANYAPREM. See for a child his mother is his mother only. Similarly for us our BAPU’S LOVE is greatest of all. Only BAPU’S LOVE is capable of providing all necessary things for us as HIS LOVE is POORNA SAKSHAMA.

Our MIND is filled with past and future worries and tensions. To experience HIS divine LOVE we should live in PRESENT first. Our MIND always opposes PARMESHWARI LOVE to enter. Mind resists RADHA TATVA to enter in our life. We are always entangled in CONDITIONS and COMPLAINTS. The flow of HIS LOVE can enter in our mind only when these CONDITIONS and COMPLAINTS are not present.

We always argue or complain about out our PAST and put CONDITIONS for our FUTURE. We don’t hesitate to put CONDITIONS even before GOD. We have to give up these 2 things to allow HIS LOVE to enter our life.

There are no CONDITIONS and COMPLAINTS in LOVE. ANIRUDDHA’S LOVE is UNCONDITIONAL. HE never puts any CONDITIONS and COMPLAINTS to us. BAPU always say that HE is our FRIEND. See, BAPU never keeps CONDITIONS and COMPLAINTS. At 12 o’clock in night, we call HIM, at any time of day and night we call HIM. But BAPU never gives us excuses, HE always runs to help us. So we should not give excuses in doing HIS SEVA and BHAKTI

To accept HIS LOVE, we have to also give up our CONDITIONS and COMPLAINTS.

See there are 3 forms of water- water , ICE and STEAM but we require water only to satisfy our thirst. Similarly BAPU, ANIRUDDHA and SAVALA are HIS 3 forms but we require only BAPU – HIS SAGUN and SAKAR form to feel our thirst. Today BAPU is amongst us and PIPADADA teaches us PIPASA for HIM

We have experienced that BAPU”S DRUSHTI, HIS WALK, HIS TALK, HIS SMILE and every thing of HIM gives us MANASAMARTHYA. So we have to ask only for ANIRUDDHA and HIS ANANYASWAROOPA LOVE. BAPU we have come to your door and we are sure that we will not go with empty hands. Duryodhan has asked HIS army but still he destroyed. If we want to save ourselves from KALCHAKRA coming in future then we have to only ask for ANIRUDDHA and HIS ANANYPREMSWAROOPA.

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