Whenever we do any type of worship or fast or any ritual work we want to know what will be results of that. Man always wants to know what fruits he will get from doing that work. We find when devotee go to our SWECHA SANKALPA every one tries to find out minimum no. of JAP asked to do or minimum no. of times any STOTRA PATH or any VIDHI like DEEP POOJAN at SAINIWAS or JUINAGAR is asked. No one wants to do maximum no. of JAP. That is what called as PHALSHRUTI of every KARYA we are more interested before carrying out that work.

While doing JAP MALA also we are interested in checking when the MERU MANI comes. By this we don’t concentrate on HIS NAM or HIS GUNA or HIS ROOPA or HIS qualities. We always want to finish of the job mechanically and quickly. That means our mind is entangles in PHALASHA (results) and not the KARMA we have been asked to do. In our first DHARMAGRANTHA “SATYASMRUTI”, our BAPU has written how to escape from this PHALASHA.

When my BAPU is in our life we are always successful. When HE is not present you may get success (JAY)sometimes but that can’t be Victory (VIJAY). In SUNDARKAND it is said …..




Whatever treasure or wealth you earn in your life, if RAM is not present in your life that time, then all that wealth is of no use. It is useless without RAM. If you are BIMUKH from RAM, not having faith in HIM then it is equal to have any wealth or not. It is as if there is no wealth. The rivers (SARITA) those are not having source of water that becomes dry after monsoon or rainy season.

What is this wealth that SADGURU give us? SADGURU gives us that DYAN which tells us which ASTRA or weapon should be used in which battle or fight. We know that we can not make perfect decision or UCHIT decision at UCHIT time on our own. SADGUR helps us to take this decision and that is HIS KRUPA (GRACE).

Now a days there is fashion to carry out different days like Rose day, Sari day, Traditional day in colleges. Why we celebrate this day? Some times there is GEOGROPHICAL Importance behind that day like 14 th January , we know that the SUN moves or enters in MAKAR RASHI. So we celebrate MAKAR SANKRATI.

Some days have HISTORICAL Importance like 15th August for Indians.

Some days we celebrate as birth day or NIRYAN DAY (death day) called as JAYANTI or PUNYATITHI respectively for great leaders, Saints or Incarnation like RAM NAVAMI.

Some DAYS are celebrated because they can bring changes in my life like ELECTION DAY or VOTING DAY where people can change their government.

GURUPOORNIMA is one such day where we have to remember the debt of SADGURU (GURU-RUNA)in our life. He will be successful who will maximum remember HIS RUNA in our life. SADGURU is the ultimate TATVA in the entire UNIVERSE. Every one can accompany you till your dead body is put on fire. HE is the only one who accompanies you in every moment even after your death till next birth.

GURU is the one who converts the darkness into the LIGHT.

SADGURU is the one who offers you GURUTVA by guiding and carrying you on RAGHU MARGA.

The base or root cause of all PRADNYAAPARADH is the mistake. I can take right decision on that time when BHAGVAN (GOD) converts my curse (Shap) into a boon. In SUNDARKAND we have seen that NAL and NEEL both are cursed by RISHIS and the SHAP was whenever they will throw off any thing in water , that will float on the water and it will not sink. When they met RAM, RAM converted their curse into a boom and HE built SETU (BRIDGE) on the SEA from which all VANAR SENA crossed the bridge and reached LANKA.

SADGURU can covert the curse into boon with GURU TEJA. There is always duality or fight between 2 things in our mind. We can’t take proper decision, so GURU TEJA makes us enable to take right decision and achieve Victory.


ANIRUDDHA means no one at no time and at no place can stop from doing any thing .

YOGIDADA narrated one experience of BAPU’S LEELA of ANIRUDDHATVA. He said some days before Singapore Upasana Centre celebrated their VARDHAPAN Din. Every devotee of Singapore wished from bottom of his heart that BAPU should be present for the function. They were celebrating their VARDHAPAN as per plan. They have ordered food from one restaurant and manager/Owner visited the place to look after the delivery of food is as per Order or not. When he saw BAPU’S Photo, he was shocked and in curiosity he asked who this man is. When devotee told about BAPU and HE is our SADGURU and stays in Mumbai, that Restaurant Manager was shocked. He said from 7 days this man is taking lunch in my restaurant. He also told that he comes with his wife. So devotee took him inside the next hall where NANDAI’S Photo was kept. That person said YES! Same woman comes with this man and today also they had food at my Restaurant. This was receipt or proof or confirmation for Singapore devotees that their SADGURU was present with them. But BAPU was present at MUMBAI in HAPPY HOME same time with NANDAI and HE was present with HER in SINGAPORE too.

This was informed to CCC from SIGAPORE Centre after wards.

On GURU POORNIMA day SADGURU makes His DARSHAN so light and mild that we common men can easily accept that. HE makes power of HIS GURUTEJA so that we can easily bear that with our eyes directly.

HIS ROOPA is that SOUMYA that the moment I see HIM, all the closed doors of my fate (PRARBDHA, destiny) are opened and I am lightened from my inner.

GURU’S KRUPA is always with me , But my bag (zholi) is torn one and hence I can’t accept HIS grace as much HE wants to give me or shower on me. On this day SADGURU stitches my bag completely however it may be torn and give me completely good new bag to accept HIS GRACE. HE makes me PURE completely. In SAISACCHARIT, SAIBABA tells that HIS BHANDAR is plenty but no one turns to HIM to take away that from HIM.

YOGI DADA told that my BAPU’S only one stitch is enough for entire world’s bag. But you should not ask any thing from HIM. In fact we should say that how much HE is tired? How much efforts HE is taking to correct us or to forgive us from our mistakes. We should be obliged to HIM for the grace HE offers to us.

All other deities or DEVATAS may be angry bur SADGURU never becomes angry. HE only pretends to do so. SADGURU only can balance our mind totally. When we do JAP, our mind is not concentrated on HIM exactly. Different thoughts peep inside or different tensions take away our concentration. But when we take HIS DARSHAN on GURTUPOORNIMA whenever we will sit for JAP, the same Photo of HIM, will be fixed in front of our eyes there wards after.

SADGURU provides us the telescope of devotion to gain tiniest DAYN (SUKSHMA DYAN) and the light of MARYADA (LIMITATION)

The very important thing is that SADGURU gives us GURUKRUPAANJAN.





BAPU is excited to offer this GURUKRUPAANJAN to every one, but we should go to HIM at least on this day to meet HIM. My eyes are week and I don’t know what is SATYA and what is wrong.

We say BAPU save our offerings of RAMRAKSHA, GHORATKASHTODDHARAN STOTRA in my account. But don’t ask HIM to save in your account as that is also a part of pride. Ask HIM to save any where HE wants to save and use as per HIS wish. We should only remember HIS RUNA on us on this day. BAPU give me strength so that I can do what you want me to do. BAPU I want only you and nothing else in this world because we must know that if we get BAPU then there is nothing impossible in this world. If we don’t gain HIM, there is nothing to be gained.


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