Here are some of the quotes of our dear Sadguru, given especially for newcomers -

1. We do things like, education, entertainment, money-earning activities at the young age, but the more essential and topmost activity like, The Almighty Parmeshwar's bhakti, we label it as the old-age activity & discard it. Is it proper?

2. In human mind, a subtle play of imagination, observation & decision is always on. But that imagination which is based on concrete observation and the decision arrived at accordingly is always the winner. It helps us to catch up with the time.

3. I could see this world because of my mother, hence for me, my mother is greater than this world. Likewise, Naamsmaran (Chanting of Parmeshwar's name & constantly remembering Him every moment) leads us to Parmeshwar, hence Parmeshwar's Naamsmaran is considered as greater than the Parmeshwar Himself.

4. If you want to tackle two of your greatest enemies - fear and worry - Sadguru Krupa is the only way to do it.

5. Where limit of human intellect ends, Parmeshwari intellect (Mahapradnya) reigns.

6. We are always told that there are four purusharthas (unavoidable duties of a human being) - dharma (always acting righteously), artha (earning money from righteous means), kaam (fulfilling all our righteous desires) and moksha (ultimate liberation).

But there is a fifth purushartha also - bhakti. If we do bhakti, we easily get the first four purusharthas.

7. If I don't get what I want, I always start questioning the God. But had I ever questioned Him, when He gave me something more than I deserved?

8. All our ancient religious rites, rituals, upsasanas have a solid backing of our Rishis' soul-serching thinking process. Hence, if we perform any rite or ritual or upasana after understanding the logic behind it, it will be more fruitful.

9. Bhaktimarg is always widely perceived something as a process followed when we have nothing left to do in the old age. Hence, we are always shy to follow it in the young age. But the truth is otherwise. If we follow bhaktimarg giving topmost importance to satya, prem and anand at young age itself, our whole life will be glorious.

10. That ultimate and eternal alll-encompassing Parmeshwari power is always ready to continuously strengthen us. But the question is, 'Are we yet ready to accept that Sadguru Krupa?'

11. Just as Shiva's Shakti is Parvati, Vishnu's Shakti is Laxmi, likewise Sadguru's Shakti is His Word, His Aadnya. Knowing fully well what is proper for His bhakta, It is always uttered for our good. We dare not disobey it.

(Bapu sometimes tells a story of Sadguru Swami Samartha of Akkalkot regarding this - 11th point. Once the husband of a staunch lady devotee of Swami was having severe stomach ache. All possible remedies were tried, but in vain. She wanted him to come to seek Swami's blessings but he did not have the faith. Helpless, he finally agreed and came for Swami's Darshan. Swami told him a peculier remedy, 'Go and collect the dung excreted by the elephant of the king of Akkalkot and eat it. It will do you good.' The lady had unflinching faith in Swami. She immediately went and collected the elephant dung and brought it to her husband. He got angry and admonished her. He then proceeded to try other worldly remedies, like doctors and sorcerers, but again in vain. Ultimately, he agreed to follow Swami's advice and ate the dung. But this remedy further aggravated his agony. So, he came back to Swami to demand an explanation. Seeing him, Swami got angry and started calling him names. Then, Swami told his wife, 'Since you are involved, I atleast allowed him to stand here. If he had followed my remedy WHEN I TOLD HIM, he would have been cured then and there only.' The man learnt from his mistake and apologised. Later, gradually, he was relieved of his agony.

Here, remedy was not important. What was important, was the word of Sadguru. When something is told by the Sadguru, however peculier and absurd it may sound, it should be followed earnestly and without doubts, since the order carries Sadguru's full blessings and strength with it.

This story is given in The Panchsheel Practical Book (The Complete Life Science) of Sai Satcharita Panchasheel Exams Syllabus, which tells us the connection between science and spirituality, beautifully explained with the help of scientifice experiments, which we otherwise performed only for the sake of marks in the school.)

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