AADM Emergency Rescue kit

  1. Large Sturdy Shoulder Strap Bag.
  2. Savlon
  3. Kidney Tray – Large 1
  4. Disposable syringes with needles (2cc/5cc/10cc) 5 each
  5. Electoral Powder
  6. Dry sugar & salt
  7. Water – 1 liter
  8. F.M. Radio – Small size
  9. Torch – Heavy Duty with 3 cells
  10. Small Axe with insulted Handle
  11. Rope – 20 m.m. Dia*15mtrs. Long
  12. Hammer
  13. Wooden Handled Screw Driver
  14. Tester
  15. Philips Head Screw Driver Set
  16. Spanner set
  17. Plier & Wire Cutter
  18. Writing Pad / Pencil / Pen
  19. White Bed Sheet (Manjarpat)
  20. Thin Blanket – 6ft*3ft*1 piece
  21. Air Pillow
  22. Hand Saw
  23. Sutali
  24. Ladder Rope 15 feet
  25. Candle or Emergency Kit
  26. Light or Match Box
  27. Canvas folding stretcher.

First Aid Material to be kept in kit

  1. Triangular Bandages
  2. Splints
  3. Sticking Plaster Roll
  4. Gauze Pieces
  5. Sterile Gloves – size 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, - 2 pairs each
  6. Unsterile Gloves – 6 pairs (med & large)
  7. Scissors
  8. Nail Cutter
  9. Plucker
  10. Knife (folding)
  11. Savlon
  12. Spirit
  13. Tincture Benzoin
  14. Plastic carry Bags (med & large)
  15. Triage Ribbons (green/red/yellow/black)
  16. Safety pins (large/small)
  17. Cotton Bandages


For centuries man has faced natural as well as man-made disasters. But mankind has survived because

man learnt from each disaster and later PREPARED it for facing them. This is your first step towards becoming PREPARED. Best of Luck.


l) Earthquake: - This is a natural disaster, which is very unpredictable.

  • At the first tremor vacate the structure and stand in the middle of an open ground.
  • In case open ground is not available stand underneath beams or underneath door frames .
  • Do not use lifts.

2) Fire: -A) Organic fire (wood, paper, cloth).

  • Use water or Fire Extinguisher for this kind of fire.

B) Electric fire (fire in electrical appliances, apparatus, wires, etc)

  • Do not use water. Use sand or Fire Extinguisher to extinguish this kind of fire. In this case switch off main switch first.

3) L.P.G: - Cooking gas used in homes.

  • In case of suspected leak from pipe or burner first switch off the main knob.
  • Then immediately extinguish any oil lamps or naked flames and do not touch any electric switch.
  • Immediately open all windows and let the gas go out.
  • Contact nearest authorised gas mechanic.
  • In case of other fire near L.P.G. cylinder immediately move cylinder to a safe location.
  • In case of fire in any cooking vessel while cooking switch off the knob of the cylinder and put a plate

on the vessel or flour on the vessel.

  • Extinguish all oil lamps before leaving the house.
  • Check your L.P. G. kit from authorised mechanic at regular intervals.
  • While shifting a vessel containing boiling hot liquid (water, curry, etc.) do not pass it over another person's head.
  • Do not play with a ball in the kitchen.

4) Crackers

  • Play with firecrackers, only outside the house.
  • While igniting1he crackers keep the head and body away as far as possible.
  • Play With rockets only from open spaces and terraces.
  • After playing with sparklers, other burnt crackers, collect them and dispose them off at a safe distance.
  • Always keep a bucket full of water nearby.
  • After playing with crackers wash your hands with soap and water (especially nails).
  • Store crackers at a safe place (away from flame).
  • In case of fire and resultant smoke inside the room try to crawl and move out of the room.

5) Handling of home appliances:- Knife, cutters, gardening instruments, mixer etc.

  • Handle with care instruments having a sharp edge.
  • Do not put finger in mixer jar while working.
  • Switch off cloth iron when not in use and do not leave iron on cloth when going away even for a moment.
  • Do not try to repair appliances, which are on power supply on your own.

  • While putting a plug in the socket keep fingers at the backside of the plug.
  • While attempting to put in plugs or change bulbs, tubes etc. always first switch off the supply and use rubber slippers while doing so.
  • Do not taste or drink the harmful liquids like insect reppeI1ants,tile cleaners, household pesticides (Baygon), Phenol.
  • Do not taste or spray perfumes near eyes.
  • Do not put battery cells in mouth.
  • Take care of your and other person's fingers while opening and closing doors and windows.
  • Keep a torch handy.
  • Keep a extra pair of home keys at any reliable neighbour's place.
  • Keep a list of essential contact numbers (specially family doctor).
  • Keep food covered and drink filtered and boiled water.

6) Road safety: - Traveling outside house.

  • While walking always keep to the right. Face the approaching traffics and if available use footpaths.
  • Before crossmg check all the sides.
  • After crossing half stand on the divider and check other side before crossing.
  • Use zebra crossing where it is available.
  • When available use a pedestrian subway or foot over-bridge.
  • Look for the right time till you get the right signal i.e logo of a man with green colour light is a signal to cross and the same with red light is to stop.
  • Do not peep out or take your hands out of vehicle (moving or stationary) while traveling.
  • Always use foot over bridge to cross railway tracks. . Do not drive vehicle on road without licence.
  • Do not fly kites nearby roads, do not run after falling kites and take care with thread (Manja).
  • Do not try to bite or taste unknown fruits or flowers (i.e. Datura, Kanheri).
  • Be careful about open manhole, open electric cables, street lamp poles and gutters especially during rainy season.
  • When lightning occurs do not take refuge under tall trees or tall structures.
  • Do not touch unknown things or eat anything given by strangers.
  • Do not eat open foods.

7) Sports and Adventure Safety: - To be maintained on playgrounds or while recreation.

  • Do not try stunts and WWF at home.
  • Do not bend over from balconies and terraces.
  • If while playing cricket or other games, the fingers or other body parts get hurt and is swollen and paining a lot, immediately go to the doctor.
  • If you are hurt while playing do not get scared to tell your parents because if it gets late for treatment the condition might worsen.
  • While going for swimming in any pond, lake, sea, river or tank, you should be accompanied by elder who is an expert in swimming.
  • When playing 'Holi' ,avoid playing with harmful colours. Instead play with 'Haldi' and 'Kumkum'.
  • Do not throw water balloons or plastic water bags. It can cause blindness.
  • If a unknown vehicle is standing near the house for hours, checkit out from the elders and inform police if necessary.
  • If, new neighbour has come to stay nearby ask elders to take information about them.
  • Before meals always wash your hands and brush your teeth before sleeping.

  • Do not trouble animals for your amusement. While dealing with animals don't put hands in mouth's of: animals (dog, cat,etc).
  • Do not disturb beehive or nest.
  • In case of animal bites wash the wound and go to the doctor.
  • In case of snake bite ,tie a tight cloth from both sides of the wound and seek immediate medical help. Keep home and surroundings free of stagnant water especially in plate below gardening pots as it is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Protect yourselves from mosquito bites.
  • Keep away from alcohol & tobacco products and spurious drugs of any kind as all of these are addictive and will slowly kill you, your family your society and country.
  • In any disaster to first make yourself safe & then try your best to help the affected persons & get help from others. if it is not possible only.
  • As you know prevention is better then cure it is wiser to prevent disasters (man made).
  • Any kind of disaster can attack our country at any time and even when we are going around in our day to day lives, which can affect us and make us weaker individually.
  • Therefore it is very important to be prepared individually and also encourage other countrymen to be prepared so that when finally all citizens of our country are self-reliant our country BHARATwill becomes powerful. If I really love my country my ultimate aim should be to get prepared and make others prepared.





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