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The Stotra which removes awful (frightful) hurtful difficulties.

Hey Lord of Lords, Shri Datta ! Shri Pada / Shri Vallabha ! one who
only likes Bhakti, and who has good fame - you always protect us.

* Save us (deliver us, rescue us, extricate us) from awful, (hurtful,
painful) difficulties. We bow down unto you.

Hey Aprabho ! (one who has no God above, one who is God himself,
highest authority). One who is Vishva murte (entire universe is whose
form), you are our mother, father, owner, relatives and Sadguru. You
only sustain us and look after our daily activities and well being
(Yogakshema). You are everything for us, hence

* Save us (deliver us, rescue us, extricate us) from awful, (hurtful,
painful) difficulties. We bow down unto you.

Hey Ishwara, you immediately deliver us from Papa (sin), Tapa
(misery/ agony/ torment) bodily illnesses, mental agonies, poverty,
fears and sufferings. Hey Lord who saves us from difficulties, we
cannot see, locate any other saviour other than you hence ..

* Save us (deliver us, rescue us, extricate us) from awful, (hurtful,
painful) difficulties. We bow down unto you.

Hey God, we have no other Trata (protector) other than you, no other
Data (giver) nor

Bharta (Lord / Chief/ husband / master). You protect the ones, who
surrender unto you and you get rid of their sorrows. Hey Atreya (son
of Atri Rishi - Dattatreya) oblige us (Do Krupa on us) Oh Puranarate
(One who has no desires / desireless) and

* Save us (deliver us, rescue us, extricate us) from awful, (hurtful,
painful) difficulties. We bow down unto you.

Hey Akhilanandmurte Deva (one whose very nature is of complete joy)
grant us love towards Dharma, Bhakti, and good Buddhi
(thoughtprocess / power of descrimination). Grant us Satsang (company
of good people) Fulfill Bhakti our material needs and also grant us
Mukti (liberation) and give us deep attachment towards the pure
Bhakti. Fulfill all our desires.

* Save us (deliver us, rescue us, extricate us) from awful, (hurtful,
painful) difficulties. We bow down unto you.

All these five shokas (couplets) one who recites / chants regularly
with devotion, it will bring about (increase) Mangalam
(auspiciousness / good fortune) among people, (in the world) and he /
she who chants it will be very dear to the Lord Datta.

Thus the "Ghor-kashta - Uddharna Stotram" written by Shrimat,
Paramhansa, Parivrajakacharya, "Shrimad Vasudevanand Saraswati Swami"
is complete.

This is the experience that Bapu gave to Mr. Vijay Bhingarde at Ratnagiri from his own words.
Bapu asked Mr. Vijay Bhingarde to stay at Ratnagiri from 18 th May 2001. Mr. Bhingarde has his own residence at Ratnagiri. From that day onwards Mr. Bhingarde had dreams of Bapu, Nandamata & Suchitdada.

At very early morning around 3.30 AM of Wednesday, 6 th June 2001, Bapu came to his dream. Bapu was talking with Mr. Bhingarde in a dream. Bapu put TILAK on his forehead. Suddenly Bapu changed his usual dress code to dress code of Lord Krishna. As we saw in Lord Krishna picture, Bapu was wearing the ornaments like Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna gave the best smile to Mr. Vijay Bhingarde.

Suddenly, Lord Krishna(Bapu) changed his look to Dattaguru. Dattaguru offered a Paduka and a Brick to Mr. Bhingarde. Dattaguru asked to establish Paduka at Karjat and a brick at Ratnagiri. Dattaguru told Mr. Bhingarde that the person who will pray in front of this Paduka & Brick all his wishes get fulfilled.

This all happened in dream.

Mr. Bhingarde woke up from his dream & feared some what. He also feels that there is somebody outside his residence. So he opened the door, he saw a well figured tall Sadhu ( like Vivekanand ) was standing outside the door. Due to poor light Mr. Bhingarde could not see his face clearly. But Mr. Bhingarde saw his mustache very clearly. Just by pointing the finger that Sadhu called Mr. Bhingarde nearer to him. Sadhu gave a Paduka & Brick from his ZOLI ( Carry Bag ). Mr. Bhingarde heared the echo sound of 'TATHASTU'. Just like that sound is comming from Bramhand.

Mr. Bhingarde just saw down at Paduka & a Brick then saw up to the Sadhu then that Sadhu disappeared.

Mr. Bhingarde returned back to his room & called his wife Vinita. Mr. Bhingarde was just shivering at that moment also. Vinitatai asked Vijaybhai regarding the TILAK at his forehead. Vijaybhai said that TILAK was put by Bapu in his dream. How it is possible then? Vinitatai came up with a mirror and Vijaybhai again surprized that there was a big TILAK on his forehead.

Mr. Bhingarde called his sister-in-law and they performed Bapu Upasana & Gajar & Arati.

After some time Mr. Bhingarde called Suchitdada & informed him regarding the whole episode.

On 6th June at around 12 noon from Mumbai, Bapu send around 25 bhaktas to Ratnagiri to take darshan of Paduka & Brick.

Nandamata asked Mr. Bhingarde to cultivate Tulsi Vrindavan at the place where that Sadhu was standing.

On Saturday 9th June 2001, all upasanas of Bapu were cancelled and asked to all bhaktas to participate in special welcome ceremony of Paduka at Juinagar.

At Juinagar, around 5 PM there was a grand procession to welcome Paduka of none other than Dattaguru nor Lord Krishna but of Lord Aniruddha Bapu. After the procession the Paduka was placed for darshan to all Bapu bhaktas. At the regular timing of Juinagar Temple there was arati and after that again darshan was open. Also the temple was open till that time.

I bow to the feet of that RADHA who’s NISHTHA (FAITH, SHRADDHA) is GATIMAN (speedy) and who has nishtha in speed and you can get speed by having nishtha on Her. We always do SUMIRAN (SMARAN, remembering) of some or other things. When we are in difficulty we automatically take HIS NAM without any break. In Schools we learn our poems or lessons, in day-to-day life we breathe in and breathe out, we eat our food. That means some muscle movements are going on. This indicates that KAL (Time) is a non-stop movement. It never happens that KAL has stopped. Hence till the KAL goes on there is always GATI with respect to KAL because originally GATI belongs to KAL only. GATI is created due to KAL and the power of KAL is GATI. GATI is dependent on KAL irrespective of it is progress or non progress. BHAGVAN stays beyond this KAL. Whatever thing happens that happens in the present tense and hence for the man the Present Tense should be larger. But the man is always either linked with the Future worries or the Past things. The man may be illiterate or educated knows that his life is related with these 3 tenses- Present, Past and Future. Bhagvan stays in ETERNAL PRESENT TENSE (SHASHWAT VARTMAN KAL). There is no past and future tense for Him. The PRESENT TENSE is situation of Bhagvan. HE never becomes old but still He is the oldest. The Past tense is related with the man and the future tense runs in front of the man. But Bhagvan is not tied with these KAL.

BAPU explained with an example that when a woman goes for her delivery, there are many relatives like her mother, mother-in-law, father, sister , husband accompanies her. When doctor says it may take 2 hours for delivery, then these relatives become impatient and they feel that how long are these 2 hours and as if the Time has stopped moving ahead. But when the nurse informs that woman has delivered a boy then these relatives become so busy in informing other relatives or friends this good news that even in late night they do not understand how time has passed away. This time they feel that time had moved faster than earlier occasion. BAPU explained with another example that when we meet our present boss and past boss in a incident then we wish our present boss first and then if required we greet past one. So these things show that relativity is dependent on my necessity. Man is selfish and necessity creates relativity.

For a child mother’s love is relative. In early child hood or till marriage mother’s love is best for him or her and after marriage it becomes a burden.

But Bhagvan does not have any necessity which man can fulfill. Bhagvan is same as He was earlier and He will be same as He is today. So there is no theory of relativity for HIM. When we see PUROHIT or Priest offers sweets or ornaments or rich clothes to Bhagvan that is not His necessity. We should think that is He hungry who fulfills the hunger of the entire Universe and only depends on the food we offer or clothes we provide or is HE becomes PURE only when we give BATH or ABHISHEK to HIM. HE does not require our bath to become PURE as HE is the only one who gives PURITY to every living being. BAPU said you have seen what things BABA (SAIBABA) had accepted in His 80years life. HE asked for alms Himself, He stitched His own clothes with His own hands; HE cleaned His place for living. Then BAPU Bhagvan may like Bhakti from us. No remember this thing that by devotion or Bhakti you will get your welfare. He Himself is ANAND SWAROOPA and He wants to distribute ANAND (JOY) to every Jeeva. Then BAPU this has become HIS necessity or need. BAPU said look here no man is completely happy. My devotion is not that strong but HE still supports me in every difficulty, He always pulls me out from muddy areas. HE is prefect and precise. So Bhagvan is beyond the limits of KAL, HE is not attached /joined with KAL and HE is not bound by the limits of KAL and hence also not bound by Gati. But BAPU we listen that when devotee calls him, He comes immediately flying on his Eagle. SO these rules become wrong. BAPU said this is not like the way you think. He explained that to move from one place man has to shift from one place to another. Suppose I call a boy and ask him to hand over a glass to Sadhanatai who is sitting in that corner, then that boy has to move from this place (near to me) to that place (near to Sadhanatai). Where is Gati possible? Gati is possible between 2 points. Disha (Direction) and Time (KAL) are 3 principles. But Disha does not mean only direction. BAPU said I am telling you about 2 different points. Suppose I am talking from this place and there are 2 Mike Amplifiers used to communicate my voice to other people sitting at other place. Though I am speaking here all people can listen my voice simultaneously. But if some one closes the amplifier or some one puts cotton balls in his eyes then my voice can’t reach to other people or that person. Bhagvan does not have Gati as HE is situated every where.

Bhagvan stays in the heart of Saint as well as in the heart of Raman Raghvan ( a famous murderer in Mumbai). But He is active in Saint’s heart while inactive in Raman Raghvan’s heart.

Bhagvan (HE) is omnipotent everywhere and there is no need for Him to go from one place to another place. HE himself is present every where. We describe Him as –


BHAV means the SANSAR i.e. the materialistic world. Bhagvan protects me as soon as I remember Him. He is SMARAN MATRA SANTUSHTAY. He is pleased and blesses you only by remembering Him. He does not have DISHA and KAL barriers and such Bhagvan’s beloved and SAHACHARI’S (who always stays with HIM) name is GATINISHTHAYAI. Bhagvan never goes anywhere. He is not Gatisheel, as He is present everywhere. But at the same time He is also not Gatihin (who does not have Gati)

BAPU explained with example of Saisaccharit that Dasganu wanted to visit Prayag to have darshan of Sangam where GANGA and YAMUNA and SARAWATI meets together and SAIBABA does not allow him to got to Prayag. SAIBABA asked him if he really has faith then he can get darshan at Shirdi itself. Then when Dasganu bowed at the feet of SAIBABA, he saw that GANAGA and YAMUNA are flowing from SAIBABA’S feet. BAPU asked that time from where the GANGA and YAMUNA came? They came from the same place at the feet of SAIBABA. HE IS not SAPEKSHA. HE IS ETERNAL (SHASWAT). Bhagvan is eternal and His SAKHI, His beloved SAKHI RADHA is GATINISHTHAYAI. She believes in NISHTHA (FAITH) which gives Gati. She offers NISHTHA to the devotee so that worries of Past and Future should not harass him. RADHA has only one GATI – the opposite GATI of DHARA (FLOW). We JEEVATMA are the fraction of Bhagvan only and MAYA creates the distance between Bhagvan and us. RADHA is only ultimate one who offers and enhances GATI. All Pantha say that ANTE MATIHI SA GATI. The man gets rebirth as his thoughts are in the last moment. BAPU then what about the persons who are in coma? They are unconscious. BAPU replied that this is not death. The birth is given depending on the thoughts at the last moment of the death. We will get GATI as our thoughts are.

We are standing on the divider of the road to cross it and vehicles are passing on. Whenever we try to cross the road, vehicles come across and we go back to divider again. But some times there is no point of return means we can neither move in forward and nor in backward direction. Such point of no return comes in life also. Due to wrong direction, wrong GATI, wrong KAL, wrong speed we cannot move in right direction. So this RADHAJI is the one who sends us back again and again from this point of no return. SHE always wants that no one should reach point of no return. But in spite of Her efforts, Kansa, Ravan, Duryodhan, Karan reached this point of no return in their lives.

Bhagvan never wants that you should be sad or worried. RADHA only wants Her beloved Husband’s joy and that’s why She has NISHTHA that all people should be happy. She creates NISHTHA in people’s GATI and gives GATI to these people’s NISHTHA. So these Rishi have named Her as GATINISHTHAYAI.

BAPU what is use of knowing all these things to us? BAPU told that He does not have things of time pass. He tells us only which is PRACTICAL.

BAPU said again we would see the same example of road crossing. If we directly enter in the road without looking at the vehicles, some vehicle will hit us. So first we have to reach up to signal or a divider while crossing the road. If we can’t cross the road in between then we should have patience (SABURI) to wait for some time till the line of vehicles end. But does that mean that we should wait till night 12 o’clock to end the line of vehicles? But SABURI does not mean not to do any thing and only wait for positive thing to happen. SABURI means I should walk the distance till the time it is UCHIT for me. BAPU again explained that if my age is 70 years then I should not take risk of hanging in the door while traveling through a train though I have traveled in same way before 25 years during my service. I was traveling in same manner before 25 years but I should not travel today at age of 70 years. If I want SAFETY then I must have SABURI. Either I should go to V.T. (terminus of the railway from where the train starts) or I should travel when there will be no crowd. BAPU said again he will continue with the example of road crossing. If I have to cross the road and the signal is away from the place I have to cross the road then I must go to that signal to cross the road so as to avoid the accident. That may be in the opposite direction of my traveling and the destination building may be from the place of crossing and I have to travel in opposite direction again to reach the destination. But that time we never blame Bhagvan, Police Inspector or that Signal. We blame ourselves that if I would have asked some person then this wastage of time might be avoided. Here I curse my mistake and myself.

BAPU said the same thing happens in the life but here we curse BHAGVAN. We never ask expert people to guide us when we don’t know further road. The fear is created in the mind and we loose peace of mind and we get wrong GATI. That means the REBIRTH concept has arrived. Again the same signal, same walking and the man keep on walking on the wrong road as he never asks or does not like to ask the experts. The SAINTS are these experts or INDICATION Boards.

BAPU said I am not a big man who can give you big discourse. I am not SAINT also. I do not have any signs or symbols of ADHYATMA (SPIRITUALISM). I don’t have any GANDHA, any RUDRAKSHA MAL. I don’t wear BHAGVA VASTRA (Saffron clothes which normally Sadhu wears). So I am not SADHU also. I wear a golden chain, which my grandmother offered me with intense love. I wear shirt and pant. I talk on mobile phone. I drive the car and in old days I used to drive bike. I see movies like you. I have taken admission in NAIYAR College and done proper registration and I have passed out my M.B.B.S. exam. Like Bhagvan I don’t have any EAGLE, any chariot or even I don’t have any bed (GADDI). So there is no SPIRITUAL SIGN with this BAPU.

BAPU said I eat chicken. So BAPU does not have any symbols or signs of SPIRITUALISM with HIM.

HE further said HE wants to love and HE will surely love irrespective of whether you love HIM or you do not love HIM. BAPU told some days before some very big authorities of Spiritualism field took meeting and they wanted to find out how this BAPU has thousands of Volunteers with HIM. They made survey. They thought BAPU might be giving money to these people. But no, it was noticed by them that there was no money offered to these volunteers. Volunteers eat food with their own money. Then the people thought BAPU might be offering some PRASAD where some thing (AFOO) must be mixed in PRASAD to cheat them or to hypnotize them. But here - there is no thing like PRASAD. What they found then? BAPU sometimes gives bad words or curses these people in His discourse also.

Finally BAPU said there question is still there why so many Volunteers go to BAPU remains unanswered and they will never get answer for this.

BAPU said that they will never find any SPIRITUALISM SIGN with me. HE further told I do not have any SIDDHI. Neither any CHAKRA moves around My head not any LIGHT comes out from My head. BAPU said even I have declared with My OWN Signature (in SHRIMADPURUSHARTHA) that I am not any incarnation of Bhagvan. BAPU said even in My 3rd October’s discourse I declared that I am DEVIL (RAKSHAS). You can call me whatever you want to call me. Is BAPU a SAINT? No, not at all, BAPU is not a SAINT. BAPU is not SADHU. Yes! BAPU is SANDHI SADHU!(who takes benefits of the opportunities). Is BAPU a gentle man? No, BAPU is not a gentle man! You ask my BAL students, once all 103 students stood in one side holding one bamboo and opposite side only BAPU was there but still they can’t pull THIS OLD MAN. Then BAPU is DURJAN (BAD MAN)? How much BAPU is DURJAN? Then who is BAPU? If you want to know SAIT, then DYANESHWAR, MEERABAI, SAINT AADAL was SAINTS.

This BAPU shows only HIS finger (to guide you). Even after that you don’t listen HIM then HE will push you or HE will make you fall by entangling your leg with HIS leg. HE will also laugh when you will fall. HE takes care that even though you are hurt or wounded, you should not go on wrong road. BAPU knows very well that HE has to pull your ear when it is required and not later. But only one condition is there and that is YOU SHOULD HAVE COMPLETE TRUST (VISHWAS) ON ME. In MARATHI, BAPU is called to your elder brother. But in my case no, since My childhood, My Grandmother called me lovingly BAPU.

BAPU said I will surely bring the person on the right road who has complete TRUST on me, even if he thinks that is wrong road for him and for this purpose I am ready to listen however bad words or curse you may give me. BAPU said I have the greatest EGO (AHANKAR) with me but I ask you to give up that same EGO.

Throw away all such matters in the dustbin that WHO I (BAPU) AM? What is BAPU? I am as it is I am. But this BAPU is MINE! When you have this TRUST then even if the entire world is standing opposite to you or the whole world is cursing you, giving you bad words I (BAPU) will stand with you. NO DISHA (DIRECTION) and NO TIME (KAL) can bind me so far till today. I don’t know why? But this is the fact. I am bound with RADHA only. My entry in any direction (DISHA) and in any KAL is unavoidable.

You want magic from ME in today’s life. But the whole life passes away behind this magic. If I say in moment I will give you birth, in next moment I will offer your marriage and in next moment you will become 80 years old then is this preferred by you? Certainly not! RUT is the rules through which this Universe or the world is ruled. But these rules of RUT are not dry rules, they are purely love oriented. RUT means all the things that happen in the world. Behind every magic there is a scientific fact hidden. The human being (man) is bound with DISHA and KAL but Bhagvan is not bound.

We see the ray of light travels in different medium but it changes its direction as per medium. But BHAGVAN is not bound with this change. The man who wants to accept from BHAGVAN is bound with the DISHA and KAL. So there are 2 possibilities in this case that either the man should go to Bhagvan to accept things by breaking the limitations of DISHA and KAL. But this is not possible to the man as it is a possible only for SAINTS. You are not SAINTS. So the other possibility is that the man should go in that direction of DISHA and KAL from where the rays of HIS grace are coming to us.

BAPU said MY MEDIUM is totally different.

BAPU said if the man tries to become good man , he tries to change his life in good manner, he wants to become strong then BAPU will surely go in that man’s direction and give him the UCHIT things for him irrespective of whether you want or you do not want.

BAPU said I am not a showpiece. So don’t request people to come and see me. I am not a thing to be told or to be communicated.

The SUN rises and sets off and there is no need of ADVERTISEMENT for that.

I decide that man’s GATI who has TRUST on me. You can’t pass away (death) until there is MY STAMP on your Passport is signed. This 108% sure that your coming (birth) and your going (death) is in My hands.

I have come for the same purpose and I am not going to be avoided very soon. I will go away but after that 2500 years I will come again. So I will give UCHIT DISHA and GATI to every one before I pass away.

To take darshan on GURUPOORNIMA day is very different. You want to call me GURU , you can, you want to call me a friend, you can. But remember the one thing that whether you want or you do not want your life’s GATI is in MY HANDS.

I have come to this earth due to RADHA’S PRAYAS (efforts and PRAYAS are different). Due to HER PRAYER, HER REQUEST I have come to distribute JOY and HAPPINESS. JOY never becomes less by distributing. If I want I can give 100 Rupees to every one. But that is not important. The LIFE’S GATI is IMPORTANT. This should not be BLIND GATI. You have to take turn from where you must take turn. We can see from the map that while traveling to MUMBAI we have to take many turns. This is fact in case to reach a physical destination like MUMBAI then think of how many times you should change your DISHA , DIRECTION to reach to HIM. Not only DISHA but some times you might have to change your VEHICLE also. Sometimes you have to take BOAT, some times helicopter, i.e you have to change your GATI through your vehicle. I don’t know which river or which mountain will come across me, so I should catch HIS hand that knows this well.

BAPU said that I never leave your hand once you give it to me to hold. But I catch his hair who leaves my hand or my finger.

Now you have to decide whether you will catch MY FINGER or I should catch your hair.


9:21 PM

In today’s world, it is very difficult for ordinary person to read, study the RaamCharitra from Pauranik Granth ‘Ramayan’ or ‘RamCharitraManas’; as it takes much time.

Keeping in mind the practica difficulties of ordinary person & importance of reading RamCharitra, Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu wrote this Unique Grantha ‘ShreeRamRasayan

It takes around 2.5 Hrs to read the entire Grantha completely.
(Editions are available in Marathi and Hindi language only)

This is the Unique Granth written by P.P.Aniruddha Bapu in very easy, understandable & simple language.

It includes three Khand (Parts)

1. SatyaPravesh

2. PremPravas

3. AnandSadhana

Editions are available in various languages including English, Marathi & Hindi.

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As we all Might be aware
Henceforth the Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Visheshank will not be published. The experiences of bhaktas will now be published in the monthly magazine, ‘Krupasindhu’. Bhaktas, who wish to share their experiences with others, may henceforth submit them in writing along with their name and address, throughout the year, either on Saturdays at the Upasana centre or on Thursdays at the ‘Krupasindhu’ counter. Bhaktas may please note that the ‘Visheshank’ will not be published henceforth and that the monthly magazine ‘Krupasindhu’ will be the only platform available in order to share their experiences.
Postal address : KRUPASINDHU
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Aniruddha's Bank of RamNam is a project started by "Sadguru Shri Aniruddha Bapu". This is a book completely devoted to God. The book contains 220 pages which includes the following,

1) Ram Nam -- Each page has 12 rows and 9 columns totalling 108 squares devoted to writing this Nam. Each page also contains 3 images of god Hanuman.

2) Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram Nam -- Each page has 3 rows and 9 columns totalling 27 rectangles devoted to writing this Nam. Each page also contains 3 images of god Hanuman.

3) Krishna Nam -- Each page has 12 rows and 9 columns totalling 108 squares devoted to writing
this Nam. Each page also contains 3 images of god Hanuman.

4) Dattaguru Nam -- Each page has 6 rows and 9 columns totalling 54 squares devoted to writing this Nam. Each page also contains 3 images of god Hanuman.

5) Jai Jai Aniruddha Hari Nam -- Each page has 3 rows and 9 columns totalling 27 rectangles devoted to writing this Nam. Each page also contains 3 images of god Hanuman.

The holy purpose behind images of god Hanuman on each page of note book is to do POOJA of
god Hanuman alongwith writing the Nam.

What is the main purpose behind starting this project?
The main purpose behind starting this project is to take a human being more and more closer towards god. God's name is the most powerful way to deal with all kinds of challenges we face in real life. We should never forget the god. God is everywhere and he is watching us always. The more you take god's name, the better comes to you. So, P.P. Aniruddha Bapu started this project. Here alongwith writing Nam, you will be doing POOJA of god Hanuman too. P.P. Aniruddha Bapu has adviced everybody to write this note book as many times as possible. This will increase the power of human to face all kinds of challenges and go closer to god.

Who can write this note book?
The note book can be written by any person of any age. Every Bhakta may however on special occasions (e.g. birthdays, weddings) resolve to fill in a note book for the benifit of the dear one, in which case the notebook may be used accordingly. The benefit will be for both (who is writing the notebook and for whom notebook is written)

How can the note book be written?
Bhakta may fill in their note books in a script and ink of their choice. The note books may please be written in a legible hand.

Which age group can do this?
Age will be considered no bar as regards filling in the notebook.

Are there any time/place restrictions?
The time period and the place impose no restrictions on the completion of the notebook.

Where to submit the notebook?
Once completed, the notebook can be submitted in any of the branches of The Aniruddha's Bank Of RamNam. All transactions of the bank will comply with its official mode of operation. The banking year for Aniruddha's Bank of RamNam will be Aniruddha Pournima to Aniruddha Pournima.

( This count is given by Sadguru Shri Aniruddha Bapu in 1st Jan 2009 Pravachan).

The setting is New English School, Kherwadi, Bandra East. It is close to 7.30 pm and suddenly the loudspeakers come alive with the bhajan “Aala re Hari aala re....” and there is a flurry of activities of volunteers, with a collective whisper from the crowd “Bapu Aale, Bapu Aale” (Bapu has arrived). Bapu steps down from the vehicle and pauses to wave at the crowds. He moves towards the stage with a majestic gait, with devotees standing on either side of the pathway showering rose petals and performing aarti. To them he is their messiah, their Sadguru, their God, who has come to relieve them of their sufferings.

Born as Aniruddha Dhairyadhar Joshi on November 18, 1956, in Mumbai, on Tripuraari (Kartik) Pournima he grew up in a simple environment. He chose the medical profession and specialised in rheumatology. He worked as a lecturer at Nair Hospital till 1985, after which he started his private practice at Parel and Dadar, which he continued till 1998.
Married, with two children, his transition from Dr Aniruddha Joshi to Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu has an interesting background. As the story goes, Shirdi Sai Baba had given one of His devotees, Govind Raghunath Dabholkar, alias Hemadpant, three of His personal belongings for safekeeping before taking samadhi in 1918, with a promise that He would, in around 80 years’ time, return to reclaim it. The belongings were a small trident (trishul), a rosary (rudraksha mala) and a precious stone (shaaligram). On May 28, 1996, Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu who had been visiting Sai Niwas since 1993, asked for these items from Shri Appa Dabholkar, grandson of Hemadpant. Appa Dabholkar fondly recounts the historic occasion when he, his wife and their children witnessed Bapu reveal himself in the form of Shri Sainath, no sooner than the three belongings were handed back to him.
“In the Sai Satcharita, Sai Baba has said that He would take rebirth at eight years of age. What it actually implies is that the outside world would first experience His grace when He is eight years of age, which is what the late Prof. Sadhana Upadhye, former head of Marathi department, Wilson College, Mumbai, experienced when she encountered an eight-year-old boy at the Vithala Mandir in 1964. The boy presented her with a peacock feather and affectionately caressed her belly (she was pregnant). Years later, when she was having a conversation with Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu, he recounted that incident and that’s when she realized that the eight-year-old boy was none other than Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu.
However, Bapu never claims to be an avatar of anybody. Bapu repeatedly informs his followers that he should be treated like a normal human being and not a God. He is not in the league of power gurus. His mission is only to show man the path to be friend of the Paramatma through unselfish and unconditional service, truthfulness and love. He shuns any kind of publicity. Every Thursday evening 60,000a lot of bhaktas congregate at his prayer gatheringfor upasana at Bandra. The majority comes from middle and lower middle class population of Mumbai’s suburbs. Bapu makes no distinction and grants no special favours. Only senior citizens are given chairs as sitting on the bare ground is difficult for some of those who suffer from backache or joint pains. He accepts no Guru Dakshina, not even flowers or fruits or sweets.

What is it that has drawn nearly 3 crores of unflinching devotees from all communities and religions to a man who never claims to be a God or Godman?
Dr Keshav Narsikar, Bapu’s classmate at Ruia College, and thereafter at the Nair Medical College, and now his staunch devotee, recalls: “He was an exceptionally brilliant student, who could offhand cite references from any textbook. He was extremely proficient in dramatics and was well known for his excellent oratory and mimicry skills. He was ever willing to go out of his way to help others. With his entirely different outlook towards life, he stood out from the rest of the crowd.” Although Narsikar had no inkling whatsoever about Bapu’s spiritual prowess, he says, “He was one whom I always looked up to and in whose company I felt secure and reassured.”
Bapu’s prime message to his devotees has been the message of service to mankind, any service that can uplift and significantly improve the lives of the less privileged and less fortunate in the society. Some of the services rendered by his followers in obedience to the wishes of Bapu are:
l Spinning the charkha to produce yarn which is converted to cloth and then these clothes are distributed to needy students and old people.
l Growing grass and sending it to famine stricken regions as fodder for starving cattle.
l Collecting old newspapers to make paper bags and paper pulp.
l Collecting used and old utensils, clothes, books and toys to distribute among the poor and needy.
l Collecting torn saris and clothes to make quilts for distribution to the poor and in municipal hospitals.
l Cleaning up school premises, hospitals, public places and places of worship.
l Recording entire text books on audio cassettes and CDs for visually challenged students.
Besides these services, Bapu has instituted the Anirudha’s Academy of Disaster Management which has trained over 50,000 citizens to manage crisis and help the common man in times of distress and disaster. “Whether disaster strikes in the form of floods or earthquake, epidemics or riots and terrorist attacks, we are trained to provide support and relief,” says Samir Dada, a devotee of Bapu.
A major programme every year is the Kolhapur medical camp. This year about 40,000 villagers from 200 remote villages in Maharashtra were treated at the camp. The Kolhapur medical camp is an extension of the first NGO launched by Bapu in 1950 called Dilasa Medical Trust and Rehabilitation Centre. His exposure to the helplessness and sufferings of the patients has a lot to do with his resolve to enlist the support of the medical fraternity in the free medical camps for the poor.
It is not difficult to fathom the secret of the reverence and love of the thousands of men and womenfollowers who throng the New English School at Bandra East on every Thursday evenings. He has won the heart of each of his followers with his message that prayer can purify and heal. And service, without expectations and conditions, can make man worthy of God’s love, protection, compassion, benevolence and forgiveness.

Bapu’s mission is only to show man the path to befriend the Paramatma through unselfish and unconditional service, truthfulness and love

Volunteers of Aniruddha's Academy of Disaster Management conducted Seva at SAJJANGAD
(Dist: Satara) on 1st March, 2008 on the occasion of DASNAVMI.

This seva included Line Control, Distribution of Drinking Water and Guidance to Devotees.

There were total 165 volunteers from the following Upasana Centers.

Some Photographs of the Seva

On September 3,2007, on the most auspicious occasion of Gokula Ashtami, Param Poojya Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu unveiled ‘Shree Aniruddha Gurukshetram’ the Teerthakshetra
before the world and declared it open for all bhaktas. In one part of the sanctum sanctorum is installed the most captivating framed picture of Lord Dattaguru. This ‘tasbir’ (picture) is the enlarged version of the very image that Param Poojya Bapu has been praying to since the age of eight and continues to pray even now; this is now available for darshan to all bhaktas!!. On either side of the beautiful tasbir of Lord Dattaguru are ‘Gomukhas’.

The uniqueness of the picture can be understood and appreciated only when one actually makes a pilgrimage to the Shree Aniruddha Gurukshetram. Facing the tasbir of Lord Dattaguru is the ‘Dharmasan’ on which
Param Poojya Bapu is seated when Param Poojya Samir Dada performs His arati every day.

In the adjoining part of the sanctum sanctorum is installed the ‘SHREEMAD PURUSHARTHA PURUSHOTTAM YANTRA, which is also available to bhaktas for darshan. This Yantra is the abode of the ‘Panchagurus’ of Param Poojya Bapu namely, Dattaguru Gayatrimata, Shree Ram, Shree Hanumanta and Shree Sainath). This Yantra is the only one of its kind in the world. Param
Poojya Bapu has got this Yantra sanctified and activated through Param Poojya Samir Dada and Aadya Pipa, Shri Suresh Dattopadhye. More information on this can be sourced by bhaktas from Grantharaj Shreemad Purushartha. Directly facing the Yantra and kept for darshan are the Charanmudra (impressions of the lotus feet) of Param Poojya Bapu, Param Poojya Nandamata and Param Poojya Suchitdada. Also kept in the precincts of the temple is a huge ‘Houd’ (tank) filled with Udi blessed by Param Poojya Bapu. This Udi is available for bhaktas twenty four hours of the day. There is also a beautiful framed picture of Anasuyamata. On either side of the entrance to Shree Aniruddha Gurukshetram are installed the ‘Nishaan’ (flags with symbols hoisted on trishuls).

Daily Programme at Shree Aniruddha Gurukshetram

Morning 8.30 a.m. to night 8.30 p.m. – Darshan for bhaktas

Every day at any time between 11.30 a.m. and 1.30 p.m. Param Poojya Bapu arrives at the urukshetram. Upon arrival He performs the puja and arati of the tasbir of Lord Dattaguru. hereafter, Param Poojya Bapu sits on the Dharmasan and Param Poojya Samir Dada performs His arati. After the arati Param Poojya Bapu proceeds to where the Houd is situated and mixes the Udi in the Houd with the Udi generated at the time of the arati and leaves behind an impression of His hand in the Udi.

8.30 p.m. – arati (daily)

What can Bhaktas offer at Shree Aniruddha

Arrangements are in place for bhaktas to make an offering of ‘Prasadam’ to the ‘Gomukhas’. The prasadam is available only at the Gurukshetram and each day the prasadam is different

Shodasgandha’ (paste made out of and containing 16 herbs / chemicals) is available to bhaktas who can then apply it (perform ‘Gandharchan’) on the Dharmasan Bhaktas can then proceed to offer the Tripurari TrivikramGarlands to the Charanmudras of Param Poojya Bapu,
Param Poojya Nandamata and Param Poojya Suchit Dada.

What happened on September 3

9.00 a.m. onwards, Param Poojya Bapu got Param Poojya Samir Dada to perform the ‘Laghu Rudra’ Upon completion of the Laghu Rudra, Param Poojya Bapu performed the Puja and Arati of the tasbir of Lord Dattaguru.

Thereafter Param Poojya Samir Dada performed the arati of Param Poojya Bapu Post lunch Param Poojya Bapu got ‘Sadya Pipa’ andYogidada to perform the ‘Shri Sai Satpoojan’

Later in the evening Paramojya Bapu got Paurassinhand Swapnilsinh to perform the ‘Satya Datta Poojan’ was followed by arati Param Poojya Bapu got all the bhaktas then present to read aloud from Chapter 14 of ShreeGurucharitra and explained its significance Commencing from August 31, 2007, for three consecutive days, Param Poojya Bapu got Param Poojya Samir Dada to perform the Maha Rudra

Bhaktas will be able to get complete information on the Shree Aniruddha Gurukshetram only
upon personally visiting this most holy shrine.


On the beautiful morning of Kojagiri Poornima, Sadguru Bapuji proceeded from Happy Home to Govidyapeetham Karjat, with a few devotees along with Him. All the fellow devotees who were travelling by two buses and a few cars reached Govidyapeetham by 10.15 a.m. Though all of us have known each other for quite a few years now but somehow of late had not met or interacted with one another due to lack of time arising from generally other pre occupations in life. Each one's countenance was beaming with joy and pleasure at the prospect of the reunion after such a long period. In spite of this joy every one one still had a single question drumming in their minds – Why has our dear God unexpectedly called all of us collectively today? What is exceptional that is going to take place today?

" Come Bapu has called all of you", immediately on receiving this communication, all of us on finishing our breakfast proceeded towards Bapu. On reaching the main hall we could see a new structure on the left hand side. We all started walking in that direction. We also took off our footwear before entering the place.

All our eyes shone up when we saw the scene inside the edifice. We saw P.P Bapu, Nandamai, Suchit Dada and Sameer Dada in front of us. Bapu, started asking all of us, come and see, how do you all like this? Time, minutes and years seemed to have stood still and all was erased from each one's mind. This is the most beautiful moment! - it was the universal feeling being experienced by each one present there. Bapu was smiling with immense joy and pleasure. He said, "So, do you recollect anything? Yes, this place where we all have gathered is the Dwarkamai of Shirdi. Exactly the same.

Bapuji started explaining," When Sainath was in Shirdi and the Dwarkamai that existed then - this is exactly the same Dwarkamai, the unchanged Dwarkamai of the year 1916". Really on entering that structure one wondered if the wheels of time had moved backwards? All present there experienced the identical thought. Nearly after 90 years everybody had reached Sainath's era, all of us just could not believe what was happening. Where 1916 and where we were in 2005 now?

We wondered what Hemadpant would have felt if he was amongst us now? The Sai of Shri Saisatcharit has always given to the entire universe and is eternal. If Hemadpantji was here today, how pleased he would have been, was the active thought that raced through our minds. Wish, he could have himself narrated all about Dwarkamai to us today. The flooring on the ground was the same, the same walls, the same pillars, the same place for Baba to sit, the same aasan, fireplace, the courtyard of Dwarkamai, the cooking place in the courtyard, the place where Baba used to stand - everything was just exactly the same. The most important article was right in front of Dwarkamai; it was the rock on which Baba used to sit and Sainathji's photograph above the rock. What all do I observe? What do I experience? Where all do I look? This was the state all of us were in on that day. The ones who recollected all the preceding memories just could not stop their flow of tears. Today nobody could or wanted to control the tears of joy that were rising from the innermost being of one's self. Somebody was surely sowing the seeds of Sai Aniruddha's love today.

Sameer Dada offered beautiful garlands both at Sai's photograph kept at the seat made of rock as well as the dhuni. He then very lovingly and respectfully bowed and paid obeisance at both the places. All were enthralled at this sight.

As per Bapu's instructions Sameer Dada installed our beloved Hemadpant's photograph in the Dwarkamai and offered a garland to the same too and again bowed low very humbly. Then we all followed Bapu to the holy Pushkarini tirtha. Here Bapu Himself installed the Garudstambh. Bapuji said," These two most important devotees meaning Garud and Hanumant are not different from one another. After the Murlidhar main hall was established, then for some time very important prayers were conducted here and only after the successful completion of those Upasanas today we can install this pillar over here. On this pillar is the Garud, the eagle that is Ram's vehicle. This is the centre point, which will erase our sins, and Hanuman in any case is always chanting Ram's name. In the Panchmukh Hanumatkavach Strotra when we see the face in the Panchmukhi form we can understand the oneness of both.

Bapuji Himself paid obeisance to that pillar and after putting His ear to the pillar, He hugged the same very lovingly. Bapuji said," Any kind and gentle being who puts his ear with full devotion to this pillar will surely be able to hear the Ramnaam. The Mahapraan of the universe, Hanuman is incessantly chanting Ram's name.

After the installation of the Garudstambh Bapu brought all of us back to Dwarkamai. Bapu asked all of us to sit in the open space there and He Himself along with Suchit Dada and Nandamai sat on the steps of the Dwarkamai. Bapuji then said, "Any devotee can come here, if anybody wants to experience the Sai Satcharit then that person has to just come and sit here. You can read the Sai Satcharit here, write the Ramnaam and if nothing else you can sit facing Sainath's photograph and gaze lovingly and adoringly in His eyes. We can experience the incidents and events that are described in the Sai Satcharit in this very place. Outside Dwarkamai are planted all those trees that are mentioned in the Sai Satcharit." Suddenly nobody had any other world existing at that place and moment, each one there was only eager to actually live the life during the time when the Sai Satcharit was written. Dwarkamai was now fully awake and was arousing her little infants too. Everybody was completely lost and totally immersed in Bapu's words and the peaceful environment resonant there. The mangalcharan, the 11 promises, the gajjar of Sai's name and the grand finale was Sainath's arati. Bapu was one with all the devotees during the singing of the prayers. Nobody wanted to leave this Gurukul; all had the strong urge to be there forever. Soon it was 2.30 in the afternoon. All present in Dwarkamai were actually experiencing the Sai Satcharit in some way or the other. Some read the 11th chapter of the Sai Satcharit, some were writing the Ramnaam, some were narrating Baba's tales and some were talking about grandfather Chaubal. Now the play of sun and shade since morning was replaced by dark clouds and soon after some time it started raining. It kept pouring continuously. Everybody was reminded of the 11th chapter of the Sai Satcharit. Bapuji said," For every true Sai bhakt, Sai Satcharit itself is Shirdi and the 11th chapter is Dwarkamai and the Sai sitting in Dwarkamai is the blessing and grace that is received from reading the 11th chapter.

"पुरेल अपूर्व इच्छित काम । व्हाल अंती पूर्ण निष्काम । पावाल दुर्लभ सायुज्यधाम । अखंड राम लाधाल ।"

" Purel Apurva Ichit Kaam. Vyahal Anti Purna Nishkam. Pavaal Durlabh Sayujyadhaam. Akhand Ram Ladhaal"

This is the only verse in the Shri Saisatcharit where Hemadpant has given complete assurance about being able to attain the eternal Ram. This is the Rudradhayay. Rudra meaning Shiv. Shiv also is ceaselessly chanting Ram's name. Bapu then came back to Dwarkamai at 6.30 in the evening and did the installation of the Tulsi Vrindavan in the courtyard of Dwarkamai and then initiated the Satsang. In the Satsang at first Das Ganu's "Shirdi Majhe Pandharpur" was recited 5 times, then the Sairam Jaap, followed by the gajjar of Govind Krishna Vithal, then Chaubaldada' s gajjar – "Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sairam" was chanted. Bapuji addressed all by saying, "Friends, This Dwarkamai is not a replica of the Dwarkamai in Shirdi but is the reinstatement of the original Dwarkamai itself. My dear ones come again and again to this edifice, read the Sai Satcharit, write the Ramnaam and keep on gazing lovingly at Sainathji. Where must be my Sainath seated? How would have Mirikar come here? When Madhavrao was bitten by the snake, how he must have come running here? Try and reminisce these events and through that learn to experience Baba. On coming here each being will experience peace and a sense of balance.

The pure vibrations and the holy environment here have a lot to offer to all. You can even stay here; you can sit the entire night in Dwarkamai.

"लागता या शाळेस पाय । कोण हतभागी माघारा जाय ।'

"Lagta Ya Shalesh Paaye, Kaun Hatbhaagi Maghara Jaaye".

I give you full assurance that nobody who enters this place will go back empty handed. We all will come here to celebrate the Deepotsav on the day of Kartik Ekadashi. This Dwarkamai has eight corners. Many individuals have strived very hard to create this beautiful Dwarkamai. We must first and foremost leave the habit of making excuses when we are serving God or doing any work assigned by Him and more important than that is that we must stop being untruthful in front of Him. He is filled with "Truth" Himself. When you speak lies to Him, then even if He wishes to, He cannot help you. So please immediately stop being dishonest.

I am very pleased at seeing that each one has a Ramnaam book and each one is also seeming very eager to complete this notebook. Ramnaam has a lot of strength. This is that one place which radiates energy to all in equal proportion irrespective of the kind of person."

Bapu kept talking and we went on listening, and may these moments never ever conclude was the yearning in each one's heart. It was in this very Dwarkamai that Baba had ground the grains to destroy the troubles in the minds of the people. Sainathji lit the lamps of Bhakti in the hearts of each one. Whether atheist or devotee all come to Dwarkamai for shelter in times of difficulty. Without any differentiation of this one is mine ant the other is not, Sainath blesses each one with Udi and grace. Mahalsapati and Kote Patil have stayed awake many a nights in this very Dwarkamai. The title of "Hemadpant" after the famous "Dhoolbeth" was awarded to Hemadpantji in this very Dwarkamai. Das Ganu was blessed with the Prayag Darshan also over here itself. On Diwali when Baba was refused oil, He lit lamps with the help of water instead, again in this very Dwarkamai. P.P. Bapu's great grandfather and Sadguru Shri Vidyamakrand Gopinathshastri Padhye according to the wishes of Swami Samarth had come to visit Sainathji at this very place and here itself He was asked, " Have you recognized me now atleast?" This question was asked by Baba in this Dwarkamai itself. Not one or two but innumerable devotees have come to Dwarkamai to meet Shri Sainathji. Each was sheltered and supported by Dwarkamai.

One of the devotees asked Bapu why the foundation of the Dwarkamai was being performed on the occasion of Kojagiri Poornima? Then Bapu explained that for this there are three beautiful and important reasons. The first was the description of the incident of irrepressible rain when the weather was uncontrollable and the way Sainathji had exhibited full control over the fury of nature in the eleventh chapter, the second was when Das Ganu went to seek permission from Baba to go to Prayag and was told by Baba that your Prayag is very much over here only and He was blessed with the Ganga and Yamuna river flowing from Baba's divine feet and the most important reason was that Kojagiri Poornima was the day when Sainath had arrived in Shirdi and was welcomed by Mahalsapati in the Khandoba temple with the greeting of " Come Sai". All these three very important incidents had taken place on the day of the Kojagiri Poornima itself.

The Services Rendered by the Aniruddha Academy of Disaster Management (AADM)

26th July 2005 or 26/7 – just the mention of this date sends shivers down the spine of the residents of Mumbai even today after a year of its occurrence. Nearly every person who lives in Mumbai faced some difficulty or the other on that day. Many had to spend the night at their work place, many in the trains, buses, taxis, or personal cars or may have been forced to spend that long night at the railway stations. The ones who were lucky somehow managed to reach a relative or friend’s house. Apart from this, each home in the city had family members who were restless and awake throughout the night waiting for their near and dear ones to reach home safely.

It is seen that by and large everybody eagerly awaits the first showers of the rain to get some respite from the escalating summer heat. But the continuous and torrential rains of 26th July 2005, left the people of Mumbai not only completely in a state of shock but also in a distressed condition. People still shudder at the thought of that day. It is said that Mumbai has not experienced this kind or level of rainfall in the last 100 years.

Mumbai was flooded from all sides. Only water and more water could be seen in all the four directions. The railway service had to be discontinued and the vehicles on the roads also could not move ahead. The smaller vehicles and other objects were seen floating around and many shops and houses got filled with water too. So much so, that in some areas the rainwater rose to higher heights than the first floor levels of the buildings. All around there was lamentation. Nearly everybody was stuck somewhere or the other. Along with objects, human corpses as well as animal carcasses were seen floating in the water. People could not reach out and help one another even if they wished to.

Even the next day, on 27th July the regular schedule of people was unsettled. Those who were caught and had taken shelter somewhere or the other on the previous night were now seen to be trying to get back home. The transport services were totally immobilized, people were now uneasy with hunger and thirst. The damage and loss of lives and property had made life very poignant. Whom could we expect help and assistance from? At such a frightening and gruesome time, the Disaster Management Volunteers (DMV’s) of the AADM, without being concerned about any difficulties ventured out and competently helped many people and also saved a number of lives.

At first nobody thought that one would have to get out of the comforts of their homes to help and serve others. But when the Mumbai police commissioner Mr.A.N.Roy sent a message requesting help for relief and safety, then instantaneously all our DMV’s were sent an urgent message and every one was asked to report at the Kalina 10 feet road location. All the DMV’s assembled there in rows of three in a very disciplined manner. From the conversation between the DMV’s one could realize that they had also not been spared from the difficulties around, somebody’s house was filled with water and the other one’s brother was stuck somewhere, somebody’s valuables had been carried away in the water and there was absolutely no food left in the other’s house! In spite of such a state in their individual lives they did not hesitate to come out and help others.

When a committee member asked them a question, “Who will pick up the dead bodies?” Then some of the DMV’s hesitatingly put up their hand, this was the first occurrence when they would be picking up corpses. This was the first instance when the DMV’s were performing such a service. Our organization had equipped the DMV’s with adequate gloves and masks to ensure their personal hygiene and safety. All the DMV’s reached the venue where the service was to be conducted in a very disciplined and organized manner. Due to the heavy rains there was a massive landslide in that particular area of Kalina. When the DMV’s reached the scene of the landslide they saw that many houses had collapsed and a number of people were buried under the rubble and debris of the wrecked houses. The situation was very alarming and worrisome. There was a heap of mucky mud and the dirty soil along with rushing water was playing havoc. The pouring and lashing rains were just incessant and uncontrollable.

The fire brigade was already present there and the police and home guards were alert too. When the citizens saw the DMV’s helping the police and the fire brigade in the relief work, they also joined in to do the same. The DMV’s were mainly assisting the police and the fire brigade. The DMV’s worked very hard and with a lot of dedication to remove the corpses which were buried underground or were captured under the huge rocks over a large area. Apart from this service the DMV’s also helped to regulate the traffic, clearing the way for the ambulances and other such vehicles.

There were 150 DMV’s from Kalina, Marol, Andheri, Kurla etc locations who were involved in this rescue service. At that time the situation was such that, staying in dirty and swampy waters for a long duration could lead to the contraction of a hazardous disease like Laptospoirasis. Even then without bothering about one’s own safety, hunger, thirst or comfort each and every DMV of the AADM continued to take part in all kinds of difficult services. Even after continuously serving for 2 long days, all the DMV’s were safe and reported back to their places of work.

वाहे गुरु का खालसा, वाहे गुरु की फतेह ।

Apart from the above the DMV’s of the AADM conducted various kinds of services in many other flood-affected areas too. Some of them are listed below:

  1. The secretary of the relief and revenue department, Shri Vatsyaji appealed for help to distribute food packets in the flood affected areas. For this service, 22 DMV’s helped in the Mantralaya and 27 DMV’s lent a helping hand in the Collector’s office at Bandra.
  2. 20 DMV’s assisted in the relief function at the leprosy camp at Borivali.
  3. There was request for help even at the Air India Colony at Santacruz. Our DMV’s distributed 1000 candles, facemasks, and food packets in this area. The volunteers from the Kalina and Vile Parle centers also extended their support in the AADM services being offered. The Police Commissioner Shri A N Roy personally came and inspected this area and acknowledged the services and help extended by the institute.
  4. AADM had also promptly sent medical teams to Shahad and Murbaad. Totally 523 patients were examined and individual need based medication was immediately given.
  5. Medical Teams were also sent to 4 villages at Badlapur. Here, our teams examined 1436 patients. The CIO of Badlapur Parishad, Shri Prakash Borse was also present there with the Chief Medical Officer.

YEAR 2006


The memories of last years monsoon floods are fresh in everybody’s minds. To combat any such possible situations this year, AADM volunteers and the AADM Committee members worked day and night and came out with various proposals.

AADM purchased Life Boats for effective rescue operation, AADM instructed every center to prepare the things like Rope ladder, Tire tube float, PET bottle float (A float prepared by joining together various closed Pet Bottles), Plastic Rope (A rope made by tying together plastic bags) prepared various, all these things are made under the guidance of our Sadguru Bapu.

The above mentioned things are ready at every upasana center in the quantity of 3 to 5. This is made possible by the combined efforts of AADM Dean Param Pujya Shri Samirdada, AADM committee members, and DMVs.

We can see that the above mentioned things are very easy to make and require no further cost to purchase them. Things like tires, Plastic PET bottles, plastic bags etc. are easily available at anybody’s residence, and generally they are thrown out as waste. So by doing this, we are utilizing our creating best out of waste.

MCGB (Brihan Mumbai Mahanagar Palika ) also recognized our work in various activities, like the sevas performed by our DMVs at Saki Naka land slide during 2005 flash floods, Ganeshmurti Visarjan and punarvisarjan, Siddhivinayak Mandir Seva (Crowd control) etc., and thus the MCGB approached AADM this year so as to assist them in combating various disasters during this years monsoon within the municipal area of MCGB.

BMC asked us to arrange for demonstrations of rescue operations in each ward, and our DMVs performed these rescue demonstrations (Mock drills) successfully.

MCGB’s Asst. Muncipal Comissioner authorities made necessary arrangements of 10 DMVs in each ward ( total 25 wards ) on an” all time ready “ position. 18 dates have been alloacated by the MCGB authorities as maximum “high tide dates” and all these DMVs will be stationed at various wards.

All these things were decided in the meeting that was called by MCGB Commissioner with Sadguru Shri Aniruddha Foundations CEOs and Jt. Director and Dy. Directors of AADM.

In the next step, a list of all flood prone areas and the areas of possible land slide is collected from BMC by AADM, AADM core team members have personally visited these places.

All these things were decided in the meeting that was called by BMC Commissioner with AADM Directors.

According to the current updates obtained by AADM office,

  1. Every center has their disaster plan ready.
  2. A total 3000 DMV’s are ready in Mumbai to counteract the possible flood conditions, as well as any disaster. Each ward office will be provided with 110 DMV’s (10 members of rescue team and 100DMVs to support them )
  3. DMV’s will only play a role in assisting the government bodies and Police force; they will not take any decision on their own.
  4. On the other side AADM is also organizing AADM- Basic courses for BMC employees on their request.

AADM is always ready to combat any disaster,
We also witnessed the way the DMVs helped the Mumbai citizens by using their water floats made from truck tyre-tubes and pocket lines during the heavy monsoon rains lashed the city on 4th and 5th July 2006.The DMVs informed their fellow DMVs by using the communication chain , reached the water logged areas, formed groups and rescued the old , kids and all those who needed their help.