India did submit to the government of Pakistan, officially and urgently, a list
of terrorists residing in Pakistan and bringing about destruction all over the world
and executing terrorist attacks in India.
India gave Pakistan a time period of seven days to hand over these terrorists.
However, slime, conspiracy and deviousness being the mastered skills of
Pakistan, this nation has officially refused to do so and in no uncertain terms. It has
on the contrary, reacted with a baseless and self-serving allegation that the terrorist
attacks of 26th November were a joint conspiracy hatched by India, the United
States and Israel.
Moreover, it is indeed pointless expecting any political prudence from Mr.
Zardari, who is better known as ‘Mr. ten percent’, i.e. by his identity as a middleman.
Also, where international politics is concerned, it is mandatory to adhere to certain
norms in order to avoid blame and that is precisely what India did.
And now it is Pakistan that has rid India totally of the responsibility of averting
The fact that Pakistan has nuclear arms need not worry us at all. In any case all
these nuclear arms, missiles and other sophisticated weapons are going to pass over
to the hands of Taliban, who is going to take charge of Pakistan. What will then
follow will be extreme horrific destruction and tumult that India, the United States,
Great Britain, Israel, France and Germany will have to suffer. It therefore becomes
imperative to pin down Pakistan, shake it to shambles and hand it over to prudent
and sensible leaders of Pakistan.
India has never harboured intentions of gulping down Pakistan and it never
will. Today however, India does indeed nurture the wish to squash Pakistan and as a
matter of fact, India must.
However, I appeal to My friends to mind well that this enmity exists between
India and Pakistan and by no means between the Indian Hindu and the Indian
Muslim. One would not even dream of doubting the patriotism and the loyal
dutifulness of the police commissioner of Mumbai, Shree Hasan Gafoor and Shree
Javed Ahmed - also belonging to Islam. Besides, I am more than sure that the Indian
Muslim is going to stand by India. The wars in the past have more than proved this
fact. The refusal of the Islamic clerics to allow the last rites of the terrorists to be
conducted, is indeed indicative of their patriotism and dutifulness.
Taking help of their secret supporters, Pakistan will in all certainty, keep striving
to bring about riots between the Hindus and the Muslims or even between the
Christians and the Muslims. It follows therefore that all of us Indians need to be very
alert and not allow this to happen.
Yesterday’s editorial discussed how we ought to set about our task. Let us now
go on to see, what we can do further.

1) Since all that is needed as far as the address of the chief minister and that of
the prime minister are concerned, your letters will reach them with a minimal
mention of the office, the post and the name of the city, keep on mounting
the pressure by adopting this one and also other measures spoken about
yesterday. - Victory will be ours, down with enemy!
2) Every Indian citizen must be alert as he goes about his daily affairs and
immediately inform the closest police station, if he came across a suspicious
article, a vehicle or a even a person who arouses suspicion by his demeanour.
3) Further, it is very important for every prudent citizen to ensure that
hearsay does not turn into rumour; for rumours spread like wild fire

and tend to incite the ‘mob’ to act reckless and misbehave to say the
least. The result could be destructive acts ranging from stampede to
stone throwing or the likes of these.
We must know and know well that at this moment, it is our prime
duty to ensure that the Indian police force does not find itself under
excessive pressure.
4) Our volunteers of the AADM and all the Upasana centres will remain in constant
contact with the police stations in their respective vicinities and will extend all
appropriate help. This will be done in a very disciplined manner not resorting
to any impulsive act or a risk that is uncalled for.
Like I have mentionned in the work ‘The Third World War?’, war is not
restricted to the borders of nations any more; modern techniques of warfare
have taken the war to the backyard of the commoner. This is also the reason
why I have put forth for My friends, this approach of co-operating with the
police force and mind you, this just has to be, considering the fact that the
police force is burdened with the mamoth task of ensuring security within the
country and that too with their scarce equipment and their scarce numerical
strength. Here again, the sentiment that ‘we are obliging the police force’ is
out of the question and totally wrong.
5) That small towns and villages located away from the Indian borders and coasts
do not really need to be alert is not only a misconception but a foolish and
suicidal notion.
This is so, because now on, small towns or apparently insignificant
locations (not only ports) along the extensive coast of India are all going to
become access points for Pakistan and its secret supporters in India. Major
deterrents like tight security measures are lacking in small towns and so they
will tend to target these apparently insignificant places and cause all the damage
This therefore calls for citizens of small towns too, to take all precaution
and be alert. Dilly-dallying and carelessness in the matter will result in grave
consequences, what the ‘Kaal’ (Time) will never pardon. So shraddhaavaan
citizens of small towns as well must necessarily co-operate with the police
force and contribute to the service of the nation.
6) In case India refrains from adopting a more stringent and more severe stand
until the early hours of Friday the 5th, what you ought to do the morning of
Friday onwards is, wear on your forehead or your arm, a white band or a white
handkerchief bearing the words ‘May Pakistan be destroyed’ in red ink. At
the same time, take to writing messages and letters with increased fervour and
in increased numbers.
7) In the event that the expected action is not taken until the early hours of the
7th, I Myself will commence the ‘satyagraha’.
This satyagraha will be done in complete peace, will be done through
totally non-violent means and will not exert any pressure whatsoever on the
This will be so because this satyagraha is in no way directed against the
Indian government, on the contrary it means to strengthen its hands; it does
not mean to corner the government or the police force, it will be done in cooperation
with them.
8) This satyagraha will span from the 7th to the 14th. If appropriate action is
indeed taken before the end of this period, tasks extending help will be taken
up. But then what about if nothing happens until the 14th? Well, why do I spill
it out now? But be sure, the path adopted will always be of co-operation,
never ever of non-co-operation.
9) How exactly will the satyagraha be observed?
a) With a one rupee coin in the hand, the person observing the satyagraha
(he will go by himself. There will not be a gathering or a crowd at any
cost) will go to the office of the local Grampanchayat, of the Zilla parishad
or to the local ward offices in cities and gives it as contribution towards
the ‘Indian soldiers’ fund’. He will do so by ‘insisting’ that the officers
present accept it. This ‘insistence’ on his part will be polite, calm and will
convey love. He will not expect a receipt for the contribution. Areas
where there is a prohibition on gatherings and crowds, respect and
abide by the law and avoid this gesture of contributing one rupee.
b) Also every person committed in the service to the nation shall make a
greeting card and send it on the address, ‘the minister for defence, the
government of India.’ Inside, all that this greeting card will bear is,
‘Pranam to India, our motherland’ and ‘Our best wishes to the Indian
c) Every person given in the service to the nation will personally visit the
home of the M.L.A or the M.P. of his locality and present a flower and
a sachet of udi each in expression of good wishes to the Indian
government and to the Indian army.
d) From the 7th to the 14th of December, every Upasana centre shall, in
small groups, recite the Ghorakashtoddharan Stotra for a minimum of
24 times everyday.
However, bear in mind that groups may comprise of not more
than 25 persons. Also it will be strictly ensured that the occasion is not
used for slogan shouting or as platform for political stunts of any kind
Following the recitation of the Ghorakashtoddharan Stotra, every
person present, shall sign below the mantra ‘Jai Hind’ written in large
letters. This paper bearing the Ghorakashtoddharan Stotra on the reverse,
should be sent to the government of India
e) Every Indian given in the service to the nation may, at least for one day
out of the seven spoken above, abstain from food (fast) for 14 hours,
from 7 in the morning to 9 in the evening. You can very well drink
water. The ‘pangs’ that you feel, will transform into great strength and
will prove effective.
Do not however, do the fast in groups and do not indulge in
display or show of any kind.
Let us read over and over again the above nine points and the 5 points relating
to actual action included in the 9th one and in accordance with them, let us do this
sacred satyagraha with love and in a disciplined manner.
The path of our satyagraha is in no way of non-co-operation with the
government. It has to be a ‘satyagraha of‘whole-hearted co-operation’ and so it will
certainly be.
I too, will be observing all that has been spoken about.
My dear shraddhaavaan friends, who love their nation, the ‘I’ refers to the
child of India My motherland; the ‘I’ refers to the child of Anasuya, Her child who is
very close to Her heart and the ‘I’ also refers to an obedient young warrior of the
Indian constitution.

To mail PMO, use the following URL

Fax: 011 - 23019334

To mail Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt of India


Postal Address:
Ministry of Home Affairs, North Block
Central Secretariat
New Delhi - 110 001
Phone: 23092011, 23092161
Fax: 23093750, 23092763


More details with emails and postal addresses will follow soon.

About the Author

About the author Dr Aniruddha Dhairyadhar Joshi - (M.D - Medicine and a consulting Rheumatologist) is the executive editor of the widely read Indian daily - Pratyaksha. It was during his Formative years as a student of medicine and then as a consulting rheumatologist that he came in contact with people from different strata of society and their pain and misery lead him to focus on providing relief to poor and needy. He is the vision, energy and the inspiration behind all activities conducted under the banner of Shree Aniruddha Upasana Foundation and other sister organizations. The foundations main focus is on social, health, education and environmental issues not the least is a back bone of disaster management related activities. His teachings and preaching s focus on the ethically practical and practically ethical aspects of all spheres of an individual s life. Thus, it is no wonder then that his following comprises of millions of people of different faiths and religions across the globe.

What all the Thesis is about

This work with contents that make us aware of the horrific ravine of war, also echoes a similar sentiment. Titled The Third World War , authored by Dr. Aniruddha Dhairyadhar Joshi, it is a collection of a series of studied and thoughtful articles that appeared in the columns of the daily, Pratyaksha . The work does not dwell only on the causes and the possibilities of war; it also discusses several issues that are, as a matter of fact, real, a part of History. Moreover, the common person, not necessarily acquainted with the details, the events and the causes lying behind these and especially in so coherent a manner, should indeed read the work. There is no doubt that over the next twenty to twenty-five years, conflict will become an aspect of everyday doings and in every region on earth. Values based on theory or principle will have no place whatsoever in this conflict and the survival of the fittest will, on the contrary, be the only commandment. Thus, also political games and secret conspiracies are going to be sure directives; quantitative power that can resort to aggression, violence and extreme ruthlessness are going to prove more dominant and successful in the conflict and for a long time to come. These words, part of the prologue, are a strikingly realistic comment on the general circumstances that prevail. By no means, a prediction of the future, this thoughtful presentation of history and the present situation, also gives, to a certain extent, a glimpse of the calendar of the third world war .

· Book Review :


War cannot decide who is right…

It only decides who is left.

This work with contents that make us aware of the horrific ravine of war, also echoes a similar sentiment. Titled ‘The Third World War’, authored by Dr. Aniruddha Dhairyadhar Joshi, it is a collection of a series of studied and thoughtful articles that appeared in the columns of the daily, ‘Pratyaksha’. The work does not dwell only on the causes and the possibilities of war; it also discusses several issues that are, as a matter of fact, real, a part of History. Moreover, the common person, not necessarily acquainted with the details, the events and the causes lying behind these and especially in so coherent a manner, should indeed read the work.

“There is no doubt that over the next twenty to twenty-five years, conflict will become an aspect of everyday doings and in every region on earth. Values based on theory or principle will have no place whatsoever in this conflict and ‘the survival of the fittest’ will, on the contrary, be the only commandment. Thus, also political games and secret conspiracies are going to be sure directives; quantitative power that can resort to aggression, violence and extreme ruthlessness are going to prove more dominant and successful in the conflict and for a long time to come.“ These words, part of the prologue, are a strikingly realistic comment on the general circumstances that prevail.

We also become aware that with modern techniques changing the face of war, battles between two nations are no more restricted to the battlefield. Now the fury of war has engulfed every region of every nation. Moreover, all the organizations of the world pretend to fight war under the guise of a dutiful observance of religion though no religion advocates this sort of destruction. War no longer fought between the good and the evil, is but a violent eruption, entirely immoral. Pulling us out of our cozy and secure cocoons, the work bears before us, this and other such blatant realities. This is indeed the strength and this also, the success of the work.

The work makes very profound yet sharp observations about the history of the Jews, the birth of Palestine and Israel, Osama-bin-laden, the Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations, the conversion in Africa, Saddam, the I.S.I., the double standards of the U.S.A., Pakistan’s hatred for India and the shelter that it offered to terrorists, Iran and terrorism, the current situation in Bangladesh, Taiwan, Cuba and also in the Indian subcontinent.

By no means, a prediction of the future, this thoughtful presentation of history and the present situation, also gives, to a certain extent, a glimpse of the ‘calendar of the third world war’.

Pure democracy, though capable of watering down the horrors of war, the stream of democratic thought, weakened in most nations due to the struggle for power and blind religious mindsets, is not really going to offer much relief. Yesterday it was a cruel tyrant by the name Hitler; today, it is a Laden, who is going about destroying the world. As for the mastermind behind the third world war, we are in the dark about him, at least as of now.

Following is the Preface of the book ‘The Third World War’, compiled from the series of editorials written by Dr. Aniruddha Dhairyadhar Joshi on the third world war, in the ‘Daily Pratyaksha’ in March 2006.

Only because....

On the 11th of September 2001, i.e. no sooner had the third millenium begun, than every nation in the world began to reflect over its protection and to consider afresh, its future political policies. Most of the prominent nations in the world had already acquainted themselves with the ways of terrorism. The U.S.A. and Russia had, instigating terrorist outfits, even used them against one another. However, the 11th September episode happened in so less a time and with so little an expense, that the U.S.A. which considered itself the one and only supreme power on earth and, therefore, indomitable, became conscious and mindful of the real strength and capacity of terrorism. The misery inflicted by terrorist activity that India had been suffering through many years, boomed so powerfully into the face of the U.S.A. that it ended up scorching it completely. And the U.S.A., that had hitherto constantly turned a blind eye towards the evidence presented by India, was forced to roll up its sleeves and prepare to fight terrorism, the very terrorism that it had once nurtured and fostered.

The subject of this series of articles is not merely terrorism or anti-terrorism war based on the study of events that have occurred till now; it is a reflection over the possibilities that will unravel in the times to come.

There is no doubt that over the next twenty to twenty-five years, conflict will become an aspect of everyday doings and in every region on earth. Values based on theory or principles will have no place whatsoever in this conflict and ‘survival of the fittest’ will, on the contrary, be the only commandment. Thus, although political games and secret conspiracies are going to be sure directives, quantitative power that can resort to aggression, violence and extreme ruthlessness is going to prove more dominant and successful in the conflict and for a long time to come. Once the war begins and more and more allies begin to take their stand on either side, the open and defiant violation of all ethics, one after another along with that of restraint begins with equal pace. Then there comes a stage when neither side feels the need to give any moral justification of its deeds, not even a superficial one. This is what has already started to happen and with every coming year, such instances are going to mount rapidly.

The common man and sometimes even the political leadership is of the opinion that a discussion on war or analysis of war cannot be done openly because war is a sudden and surprise manifestation of secret schemes and conspiracies. Besides, more than ninety percent of the people, not only of India but of every country in the world, can base their contemplation over war, the political reasons behind the war as also the realization of these on just a bare minimum of information. However, it is these very people, who have not only to suffer but to withstand hundred percent of the consequences of war.

Pure democracy is the only strength that can mellow down the horrific face of war; but today, how many nations of the world are real democracies? The democracy in Great Britain that boasts of being the father of the parliamentary democratic system too is growing feeble owing to corruption and internal conflicts. Though democracy has struck firm and deep roots in the Indian subcontinent, the innumerable big and small political parties tend to lead it astray, not to mention the eternal downpour of corruption that drowns it in deep sorrow. Russia and China, both super powers, have not even a trace of democracy in them. Although the American democracy might seem relatively healthy and capable, at least apparently, problems like the rapid increase in addiction among the youth alongside the fall in the number of well-educated native Americans as also that of the diminishing participation of the citizens are factors that adversely affect the health of the American democracy. To add to this, the widespread and extensive network of propaganda and communication set up by the American secret organizations has succeeded in taking control of the mass media of several nations of the world, including those of the U.S.A. Pakistan, the eternal enemy of India, is in itself, ‘the foreboding and inauspicious prelude’ to the book of terrorism and Pakistan will, in the times to come, openly go about setting the stage with terrorist props for the purpose of the plot of the drama that will be war.

In the coming times, the equation of today might not be valid tomorrow and what was valid at seven in the morning, might be flung right out of the window after its purpose is served, and at five minutes past seven.

This is not telling the future. This is a study, a study of history and of the present circumstances. This is research, a research of the intent of the various characters on the stage of the world. In the next twenty years, a thousand occurrences will happen and literally in a hundred different places and that is one fact that every wise and studious thinker is aware of. A hundred different occurrences might be happening even at this very moment but here, there is a figurative mention of only ten selected ones. It is just that the remaining ninety occurrences have not been recorded, though they have certainly been part of the study undertaken.

The calendar is released every once in a year because there is a definite kind of mathematical formula and construction involved. The calendar of the coming ‘third world war’ is however, going to be a new one every day.

I wanted that all My friends, ordinary as they are just like I am, acquaint themselves with at least two percent of what the third world war means. Hence this written endeavour....

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

WHAT NEXT?? Editorial Published in PRATYAKSHA on 03-Dec-08

In the course of the editorial series based on the verses of the Sunderkand, it so happens that we have before us today, the 194th verse.

(Explanation: “What are we waiting for? Let the vanar soldiers be instructed right away.”

On this, the divine beings bestowed abundant showers of flowers from the skies and returned to their respective lokas)

That the parameshvar has arranged to place before us, this particular verse, is in itself profoundly significant. Till today 371 articles have discussed 193 verses and in numerical sequence and this obviously cannot be human design or even a mere coincidence - no, not at all.

The question that every Indian is now faced with, is ‘What next?’

What does India plan to do now and what ought India to do?

What must we Indians do now and what ought we to do?

I am putting forth for my own contemplation, answers to all these questions, answers that I am convinced about: Take them or leave them; it does not matter to Me at all.

1) The political circles in Pakistan are feeling tremendous pressure, unrest as also a sense of insecurity.

What exactly do the spokespersons of Pakistan intend to convey by blowing the trumpet that Pakistan is a ‘nuclear power’?

Do they intend to intimidate India?

Why do they want to intimidate India?

Only because they are convinced that India’s mind set now is very much inclined to launch an attack.

2) It is for this very reason that Pakistan is looking to pressurize the United States. ‘In the event that India declared war, we would be compelled to withdraw all our troops stationed in the northern regions to battle (?) the Taliban, which in turn would endanger the American presence in Afghanistan’, so say the governing powers in Pakistan, the spokespersons of the ISI and also the military officers.

The secret hope of Pakistan is that when the United States is pressured, it will eventually dissuade India from war.

3) However, the truth clearly differs from reality and that is how it is always going to be.

As for this moment, irrespective of whether India declares war on Pakistan or not, terrorist organizations are bound to take over Pakistan. It is only a matter of time, it could be a few days or may be a few months.

That the charge of Pakistan will pass over to the hands of terrorist organizations, became certain and inevitable the very day Benazir Bhutto was killed.

What remain now, are mere formalities.

4) The point is, it is Pakistan that poses real threat to Afghanistan as well as to the United States because Pakistan has welcomed these terrorist guests with open arms and indulged them. So, if India and the United States have to avert the unfortunate events in the coming times, Pakistan will have to be taught a lesson.

5) The tiger is after all a tiger and will tear down its prey, you may face him straight, you may try getting soft or show reverence if you will. So then does it not make more sense to gun it down and destroy it? This is the policy that the United States knows better than any other nation.

6) As Draupadi’s honour was being violated openly and publicly in the court, her shameless, disgraceful and thick-skinned husbands sat still, their heads hanging. It was this misplaced and exaggerated notion of the supposed morality on the part of the Pandavas that forcibly reduced Dharmaraj Yudhishthir to a jester, who entertained (by his game of dice) emperor Virat, Bheem was compelled to clear leftovers in the kitchen, Arjun had to play effeminate and Nakul-Sahadev had to clean up the faeces of animals.

And now, with Mumbai’s honour so humiliated, abused and violated, if India is going to adopt the behaviour of the Pandavas, is the fate of the Pandavas not going to be slammed on it?

7) The ordinary Indian however, is in no mood to follow the footsteps of the Pandavas.

Every Indian citizen today, is in the mood reflected in the verse mentioned above - viz. ‘What are we waiting for? May the vanar soldiers be instructed right away’. And exactly like the verse says, the Paramatma too is ready to bestow flowers from the skies.

8) However, merely launching an attack on Pakistan will get us nowhere. India will simultaneously have to make certain implementations within the country too.

As a doctor, this, I can understand and explain very well. In order to destroy the bacteria that enter into a part of the body from the outside, what is necessary is the attack in the form of antibiotics and if need be, a surgical intervention to drain the pus. But then in such cases it is equally or rather even more essential that the patient strengthen his own power of resistence (immune system) and healing power. If this does not happen, the bacteria is bound to enter into many different parts and create abcesses.

This is precisely what occurs in case of AIDS. The AIDS virus completely destroys power of resistence and the patient’s healing power and so he constantly and repeatedly suffers from various diseases and infections.

9) So then how exactly do we go about enhancing the internal power of resistence and healing power of India?

a) The internal security machinery of India could, after a meticulous and thorough scrutiny and check, take the help of the ordinary Indian citizen because the powers of observation of the ordinary citizen does many a time, yield amazing evidence. Eg. The results of the keen observation by the fishermen as relevant to the events last week.

b) The police commissioners of big metros like Mumbai could be granted extensive powers within the framework of the Indian constitution and their freedom or discretion within defined limits be increased as may be necessary. The instance of misbehaviour on the part of one sole police officer need not imply that the entire police force is useless. Moreover, I personally have complete faith in the patriotic sentiment of every common Indian citizen, every Indian soldier and every Indian police officer.

It is very essential now to undo the knots of legal restrictions that bind the hands, the rights of the police force.

I do not understand the law. What I do understand for sure is that it is an imperative need of the hour to set aside the egoistic beliefs of one’s party and institute the ‘POTA’ or at least a similar stringent and severe legal means. If the existent laws were adequate, a metropolis like Mumbai would never have been subjected to the 59 hours of horror.

Shree Hemant Karkare, Shree Vijay Salaskar, Shree Ashok Kamte and other police officers and commandos lost their lives; it is their bodies that are not with us; the light in their heart still lives and lights up the hearts of innumerable police constables, officers, soldiers and commandos of India.

All that is needed is a healthy and strong political will.

c) What can we ordinary citizens of India do?

You could keep writing letters, keep making calls and keep sending SMS to corporators, M.L.A.s, M.P.s and leaders you come in contact with and irrespective of the political party they belong to, keep doing it, bombard them. Also convey to the police force and the armed forces by democratic means of course, your support and appreciation.

You could urge your friends and relatives to do the same.

You can do this for sure and you can do it at your personal level. There is no need to stage marches, shout in praise or boo or make a scene of any kind.

Pick up your phones and start conveying your message, i.e. your opinion to politicians you have come in contact with; pick up your pen and write to politicians and newspapers, letters that express your thought; your fingers drum the keypad to SMS for T.V. programmes - now let your fingers drum the keypad to send the SMS for India - your motherland, this time again to politicians and newspapers.

Make use of your e-mails only in the service of India your motherland as in a democracy, the opinion of the people, is the most effective weapon.

You do feel the fire blazing inside you, don’t you? Keep on expressing it but by such democratic means. The governing persons in power are neither your ruling kings, nor your masters. They are your representatives and are dependent on you; let them know it, convey explicitly that you know it.

10) On the coming Thursday, 4th December, let us all recite the Dattamalamantra and offer a prayer for the safety of India and the peace of the martyrs.

11) If you have risen and are awake, set about the above mentioned tasks right away. All men and women! Do wear a black band of cloth or of paper on your person, from this very moment upto the early hours of Friday.

You may well ask, what good is this black band? This black band is meant to express grief but also to keep you alert. This black band will keep alerting you as well as the one, whose eyes fall on it, that you have certain duties to fulfil.

12) As for those, who do not believe in the existence of the parameshvar and so do not wish to recite the Dattamalamantra, can very well chant ‘Jai Hind’ or even ‘Vande mataram’ can’t they?

My dear shraddhaavaan friends, in other words My friends who love India their motherland, do recite the Dattamalamantra. In case you are not familiar with it, recite ‘Om Kripasindhu Shreesainaathaaya namah’ and offer it at the feet of our motherland, India.

As for me, I am already at it.

Mumbai, the political capital of a large state that goes by the name of Maharashtra and the financial capital of the entire Indian nation.

‘The most prosperous and favourite child of India and the favourite queen of the state of Maharashtra’ was the epithet the late Acharya Atre, one of Maharashtra’s most famous litterateurs and dramatists, used to describe Mumbai during an election gathering.

But today, the entire world has seen the extremely pathetic condition to which Mumbai has been reduced; every resident of Mumbai has actually experienced it, India’s armed forces and the Mumbai police have borne the brunt of it. But, just where do we go from here on?

What actually happened in Mumbai in those 54 hours was more frightening than what happened on 9/11 in the US.

If the intensity and magnitude of the attack is to be decided merely by the number of people killed, then it is going to be a very difficult proposition indeed. Certain situations are such where it is more important to take into consideration the ‘qualitative’ aspect rather than the ‘quantitative’ aspect.

People who have been witness to and survived the carnage that took place at the Taj, the Oberoi and the CST have already started going about openly narrating what actually took place. That these people, who have lived under the shadow of death and actually stared at death in the face, cannot be branded as rumour mongers and brushed aside, is what the Government of India and of the state of Maharashtra had better realize.

Because, till now, the terrorist attacks had been largely perpetrated in public places, such as in trains, buses and offices, this class of people, which had been suffering, did not, barring the elections, hold any regard or value for the politicians. But this time round, the people who have died are from the upper echelons and extremely wealthy sections of society and their next of kin and relatives are, unlike the medium class people, are totally unafraid of the politicians, the people in power, and the Government officials and it is they who are full-throatedly revealing the factual position before the entire world. This elite class has got a contact network that is bigger and wider than that of any TV channel or newspaper and it is for this very precise reason that they have been able to reach across to a large section of the elite class Indians not only in India but across the world and, as a result, they have now come to know about the unprecedented destruction and loss of lives that took place. This class of people which, inspite of being extremely influential, was generally indifferent to terrorists, acts of terrorism and the administrative set-up of our country, has now, in an instant, with the fear of the shadow of death meandering over their own heads, found their sensibilities ignited and have taken it upon themselves to put pressure wherever required.

Along with this elite class, every common man of India too has been outraged by this dastardly act, and the common man is not scared, but is rising in anger and if these developments are not taken cognizance of by the politicians, not only the people of India, but destiny itself will never ever forgive them.

Mumbai is a city which has time and again borne the brunt of mindless acts of terrorism, and whose destruction is of prime interest to the enemies of India and no single Indian would ever accept any apathy or insensitivity towards Mumbai.

In the annals of India’s celebrated history, the Taj Mahal Hotel has come to become a symbol of every Indian’s pride. It was built by Sir Jamshetji Tata by cocking a snook at the British and for the past 105 years continued to stand there, as if disdainfully. The same Taj Mahal Hotel was linked to another landmark - The Gateway of India - built during the days of the struggle for independence for welcoming the then British Emperor, which name has been retained even after independence.

The Heritage Taj, which stands facing the Gateway of India was virtually reduced to rubble by a mere handful of terrorists.

Post 9/11, the Government of the United States of America immediately took stern steps and it is because of this, that in the last seven years several planned terrorist attacks were unveiled and preempted before any damage could be done. But for that, was required an extremely strong political will and that is precisely what is being put to test.

I haven’t the slightest doubt about the capability of our three armed forces, the Indian intelligence system and the Police; rather, I have tremendous faith in them.

After getting the backing of the then Hon. Prime Minister of India, the late Smt. Indira Gandhi’s knowledgably discreet, competent and mature political leadership, the valour and raw courage that General Maneckshaw and the three armed forces displayed, continues to flow in the veins of the armed forces with the same intensity and force. The time has now come for action, action & action.

But from whom is the action expected? from the Government of India, but, of course.

If the Government of India were to confine itself to merely using strong words and indulging in rhetoric, deporting envoys or suspending bilateral talks, India will not only become a laughing stock before the world, but, in time to come, will fall prey to even more dastardly acts of terrorism.

This act of terrorism definitely has had the firm backing of Pakistan and, therefore, India should not show any leniency towards Pakistan.

If words are not translated into actions, the following seven things will occur:

1. The confidence of Pakistan’s ISI will receive a boost and will embolden them to step up terrorist attacks on India;

2. It will become easy for Pakistan’s give and take relationship with China and North Korea to open more avenues and consolidate the arrangement;

3. If during this period, Iran were to join hands with them, the situation could well go out of hand and this possibility cannot, by any stretch of imagination, be ruled out;

4. If Pakistan is allowed more time, the likes of Osama will increasingly start offering help to Pakistan;

5. If Pakistan is not stopped in its tracks by India and Iran by the United States of America, certain countries and groups of the Middle East and Africa will join them in the confrontation;

6. There is a giant possibility of labeling these terrorists as heroes not only in India but all over the world by few groups; and if India does not take stern steps, such hero worshipping by innocent, impressionable young minds may actually lead them, in large numbers, on the path of terrorism and then, this will not be a mere spark but a major conflagration;

7. Those wielding political power in India will forever lose the faith and confidence of not only the people of India but also those of the friendly nations, and India, which presently boasts of a prosperous and vibrating economy, will be transported back to the decades of the sixties and seventies of the 20th century, as a backward economy.

The need of the hour is for everyone to join hands and come together; and political parties should throw those politicians who merely care for political gain and opportunism, into gutters.

The United States of America and Britain have always stood by the principle of ‘First Country then party’. This is the singular necessity of India today.

In a democracy, the ruling party is not always entirely responsible for success and failure. The opposition is equally responsible, because it is their duty to oppose any wrong doing by the party in power by bringing to bear tremendous pressure through the people of the country and it is actually possible for them to do so.

If the political parties (both those in power and in the opposition) fail this time round and in their bid to indulge in vote bank politics, take any immature stand, the entire nation will rise in anger and without any bomb being detonated or any bullet being fired, all these self serving and unpatriotic politicians will be quietly swallowed, as if by a python.

The mantra ‘Do or Die’ is once again the dire need of the nation. Not only that, “Victory shall be ours and death unto you” shall be our motto.

My dear Shraddhavan friends, the time has come for every son and daughter of India to make up their minds like soldiers and if the need arises, to be ready to make themselves available to the Indian Government and the Indian armed forces for any kind of work that may be required of them.

“I AM READY” should be the pledge of each of my friends.

It appears that destiny has entered into an agreement with India, that the first few attacks on the witch, that is the Third World War, be made by India.