Mumbai, the political capital of a large state that goes by the name of Maharashtra and the financial capital of the entire Indian nation.

‘The most prosperous and favourite child of India and the favourite queen of the state of Maharashtra’ was the epithet the late Acharya Atre, one of Maharashtra’s most famous litterateurs and dramatists, used to describe Mumbai during an election gathering.

But today, the entire world has seen the extremely pathetic condition to which Mumbai has been reduced; every resident of Mumbai has actually experienced it, India’s armed forces and the Mumbai police have borne the brunt of it. But, just where do we go from here on?

What actually happened in Mumbai in those 54 hours was more frightening than what happened on 9/11 in the US.

If the intensity and magnitude of the attack is to be decided merely by the number of people killed, then it is going to be a very difficult proposition indeed. Certain situations are such where it is more important to take into consideration the ‘qualitative’ aspect rather than the ‘quantitative’ aspect.

People who have been witness to and survived the carnage that took place at the Taj, the Oberoi and the CST have already started going about openly narrating what actually took place. That these people, who have lived under the shadow of death and actually stared at death in the face, cannot be branded as rumour mongers and brushed aside, is what the Government of India and of the state of Maharashtra had better realize.

Because, till now, the terrorist attacks had been largely perpetrated in public places, such as in trains, buses and offices, this class of people, which had been suffering, did not, barring the elections, hold any regard or value for the politicians. But this time round, the people who have died are from the upper echelons and extremely wealthy sections of society and their next of kin and relatives are, unlike the medium class people, are totally unafraid of the politicians, the people in power, and the Government officials and it is they who are full-throatedly revealing the factual position before the entire world. This elite class has got a contact network that is bigger and wider than that of any TV channel or newspaper and it is for this very precise reason that they have been able to reach across to a large section of the elite class Indians not only in India but across the world and, as a result, they have now come to know about the unprecedented destruction and loss of lives that took place. This class of people which, inspite of being extremely influential, was generally indifferent to terrorists, acts of terrorism and the administrative set-up of our country, has now, in an instant, with the fear of the shadow of death meandering over their own heads, found their sensibilities ignited and have taken it upon themselves to put pressure wherever required.

Along with this elite class, every common man of India too has been outraged by this dastardly act, and the common man is not scared, but is rising in anger and if these developments are not taken cognizance of by the politicians, not only the people of India, but destiny itself will never ever forgive them.

Mumbai is a city which has time and again borne the brunt of mindless acts of terrorism, and whose destruction is of prime interest to the enemies of India and no single Indian would ever accept any apathy or insensitivity towards Mumbai.

In the annals of India’s celebrated history, the Taj Mahal Hotel has come to become a symbol of every Indian’s pride. It was built by Sir Jamshetji Tata by cocking a snook at the British and for the past 105 years continued to stand there, as if disdainfully. The same Taj Mahal Hotel was linked to another landmark - The Gateway of India - built during the days of the struggle for independence for welcoming the then British Emperor, which name has been retained even after independence.

The Heritage Taj, which stands facing the Gateway of India was virtually reduced to rubble by a mere handful of terrorists.

Post 9/11, the Government of the United States of America immediately took stern steps and it is because of this, that in the last seven years several planned terrorist attacks were unveiled and preempted before any damage could be done. But for that, was required an extremely strong political will and that is precisely what is being put to test.

I haven’t the slightest doubt about the capability of our three armed forces, the Indian intelligence system and the Police; rather, I have tremendous faith in them.

After getting the backing of the then Hon. Prime Minister of India, the late Smt. Indira Gandhi’s knowledgably discreet, competent and mature political leadership, the valour and raw courage that General Maneckshaw and the three armed forces displayed, continues to flow in the veins of the armed forces with the same intensity and force. The time has now come for action, action & action.

But from whom is the action expected? from the Government of India, but, of course.

If the Government of India were to confine itself to merely using strong words and indulging in rhetoric, deporting envoys or suspending bilateral talks, India will not only become a laughing stock before the world, but, in time to come, will fall prey to even more dastardly acts of terrorism.

This act of terrorism definitely has had the firm backing of Pakistan and, therefore, India should not show any leniency towards Pakistan.

If words are not translated into actions, the following seven things will occur:

1. The confidence of Pakistan’s ISI will receive a boost and will embolden them to step up terrorist attacks on India;

2. It will become easy for Pakistan’s give and take relationship with China and North Korea to open more avenues and consolidate the arrangement;

3. If during this period, Iran were to join hands with them, the situation could well go out of hand and this possibility cannot, by any stretch of imagination, be ruled out;

4. If Pakistan is allowed more time, the likes of Osama will increasingly start offering help to Pakistan;

5. If Pakistan is not stopped in its tracks by India and Iran by the United States of America, certain countries and groups of the Middle East and Africa will join them in the confrontation;

6. There is a giant possibility of labeling these terrorists as heroes not only in India but all over the world by few groups; and if India does not take stern steps, such hero worshipping by innocent, impressionable young minds may actually lead them, in large numbers, on the path of terrorism and then, this will not be a mere spark but a major conflagration;

7. Those wielding political power in India will forever lose the faith and confidence of not only the people of India but also those of the friendly nations, and India, which presently boasts of a prosperous and vibrating economy, will be transported back to the decades of the sixties and seventies of the 20th century, as a backward economy.

The need of the hour is for everyone to join hands and come together; and political parties should throw those politicians who merely care for political gain and opportunism, into gutters.

The United States of America and Britain have always stood by the principle of ‘First Country then party’. This is the singular necessity of India today.

In a democracy, the ruling party is not always entirely responsible for success and failure. The opposition is equally responsible, because it is their duty to oppose any wrong doing by the party in power by bringing to bear tremendous pressure through the people of the country and it is actually possible for them to do so.

If the political parties (both those in power and in the opposition) fail this time round and in their bid to indulge in vote bank politics, take any immature stand, the entire nation will rise in anger and without any bomb being detonated or any bullet being fired, all these self serving and unpatriotic politicians will be quietly swallowed, as if by a python.

The mantra ‘Do or Die’ is once again the dire need of the nation. Not only that, “Victory shall be ours and death unto you” shall be our motto.

My dear Shraddhavan friends, the time has come for every son and daughter of India to make up their minds like soldiers and if the need arises, to be ready to make themselves available to the Indian Government and the Indian armed forces for any kind of work that may be required of them.

“I AM READY” should be the pledge of each of my friends.

It appears that destiny has entered into an agreement with India, that the first few attacks on the witch, that is the Third World War, be made by India.





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