India did submit to the government of Pakistan, officially and urgently, a list
of terrorists residing in Pakistan and bringing about destruction all over the world
and executing terrorist attacks in India.
India gave Pakistan a time period of seven days to hand over these terrorists.
However, slime, conspiracy and deviousness being the mastered skills of
Pakistan, this nation has officially refused to do so and in no uncertain terms. It has
on the contrary, reacted with a baseless and self-serving allegation that the terrorist
attacks of 26th November were a joint conspiracy hatched by India, the United
States and Israel.
Moreover, it is indeed pointless expecting any political prudence from Mr.
Zardari, who is better known as ‘Mr. ten percent’, i.e. by his identity as a middleman.
Also, where international politics is concerned, it is mandatory to adhere to certain
norms in order to avoid blame and that is precisely what India did.
And now it is Pakistan that has rid India totally of the responsibility of averting
The fact that Pakistan has nuclear arms need not worry us at all. In any case all
these nuclear arms, missiles and other sophisticated weapons are going to pass over
to the hands of Taliban, who is going to take charge of Pakistan. What will then
follow will be extreme horrific destruction and tumult that India, the United States,
Great Britain, Israel, France and Germany will have to suffer. It therefore becomes
imperative to pin down Pakistan, shake it to shambles and hand it over to prudent
and sensible leaders of Pakistan.
India has never harboured intentions of gulping down Pakistan and it never
will. Today however, India does indeed nurture the wish to squash Pakistan and as a
matter of fact, India must.
However, I appeal to My friends to mind well that this enmity exists between
India and Pakistan and by no means between the Indian Hindu and the Indian
Muslim. One would not even dream of doubting the patriotism and the loyal
dutifulness of the police commissioner of Mumbai, Shree Hasan Gafoor and Shree
Javed Ahmed - also belonging to Islam. Besides, I am more than sure that the Indian
Muslim is going to stand by India. The wars in the past have more than proved this
fact. The refusal of the Islamic clerics to allow the last rites of the terrorists to be
conducted, is indeed indicative of their patriotism and dutifulness.
Taking help of their secret supporters, Pakistan will in all certainty, keep striving
to bring about riots between the Hindus and the Muslims or even between the
Christians and the Muslims. It follows therefore that all of us Indians need to be very
alert and not allow this to happen.
Yesterday’s editorial discussed how we ought to set about our task. Let us now
go on to see, what we can do further.

1) Since all that is needed as far as the address of the chief minister and that of
the prime minister are concerned, your letters will reach them with a minimal
mention of the office, the post and the name of the city, keep on mounting
the pressure by adopting this one and also other measures spoken about
yesterday. - Victory will be ours, down with enemy!
2) Every Indian citizen must be alert as he goes about his daily affairs and
immediately inform the closest police station, if he came across a suspicious
article, a vehicle or a even a person who arouses suspicion by his demeanour.
3) Further, it is very important for every prudent citizen to ensure that
hearsay does not turn into rumour; for rumours spread like wild fire

and tend to incite the ‘mob’ to act reckless and misbehave to say the
least. The result could be destructive acts ranging from stampede to
stone throwing or the likes of these.
We must know and know well that at this moment, it is our prime
duty to ensure that the Indian police force does not find itself under
excessive pressure.
4) Our volunteers of the AADM and all the Upasana centres will remain in constant
contact with the police stations in their respective vicinities and will extend all
appropriate help. This will be done in a very disciplined manner not resorting
to any impulsive act or a risk that is uncalled for.
Like I have mentionned in the work ‘The Third World War?’, war is not
restricted to the borders of nations any more; modern techniques of warfare
have taken the war to the backyard of the commoner. This is also the reason
why I have put forth for My friends, this approach of co-operating with the
police force and mind you, this just has to be, considering the fact that the
police force is burdened with the mamoth task of ensuring security within the
country and that too with their scarce equipment and their scarce numerical
strength. Here again, the sentiment that ‘we are obliging the police force’ is
out of the question and totally wrong.
5) That small towns and villages located away from the Indian borders and coasts
do not really need to be alert is not only a misconception but a foolish and
suicidal notion.
This is so, because now on, small towns or apparently insignificant
locations (not only ports) along the extensive coast of India are all going to
become access points for Pakistan and its secret supporters in India. Major
deterrents like tight security measures are lacking in small towns and so they
will tend to target these apparently insignificant places and cause all the damage
This therefore calls for citizens of small towns too, to take all precaution
and be alert. Dilly-dallying and carelessness in the matter will result in grave
consequences, what the ‘Kaal’ (Time) will never pardon. So shraddhaavaan
citizens of small towns as well must necessarily co-operate with the police
force and contribute to the service of the nation.
6) In case India refrains from adopting a more stringent and more severe stand
until the early hours of Friday the 5th, what you ought to do the morning of
Friday onwards is, wear on your forehead or your arm, a white band or a white
handkerchief bearing the words ‘May Pakistan be destroyed’ in red ink. At
the same time, take to writing messages and letters with increased fervour and
in increased numbers.
7) In the event that the expected action is not taken until the early hours of the
7th, I Myself will commence the ‘satyagraha’.
This satyagraha will be done in complete peace, will be done through
totally non-violent means and will not exert any pressure whatsoever on the
This will be so because this satyagraha is in no way directed against the
Indian government, on the contrary it means to strengthen its hands; it does
not mean to corner the government or the police force, it will be done in cooperation
with them.
8) This satyagraha will span from the 7th to the 14th. If appropriate action is
indeed taken before the end of this period, tasks extending help will be taken
up. But then what about if nothing happens until the 14th? Well, why do I spill
it out now? But be sure, the path adopted will always be of co-operation,
never ever of non-co-operation.
9) How exactly will the satyagraha be observed?
a) With a one rupee coin in the hand, the person observing the satyagraha
(he will go by himself. There will not be a gathering or a crowd at any
cost) will go to the office of the local Grampanchayat, of the Zilla parishad
or to the local ward offices in cities and gives it as contribution towards
the ‘Indian soldiers’ fund’. He will do so by ‘insisting’ that the officers
present accept it. This ‘insistence’ on his part will be polite, calm and will
convey love. He will not expect a receipt for the contribution. Areas
where there is a prohibition on gatherings and crowds, respect and
abide by the law and avoid this gesture of contributing one rupee.
b) Also every person committed in the service to the nation shall make a
greeting card and send it on the address, ‘the minister for defence, the
government of India.’ Inside, all that this greeting card will bear is,
‘Pranam to India, our motherland’ and ‘Our best wishes to the Indian
c) Every person given in the service to the nation will personally visit the
home of the M.L.A or the M.P. of his locality and present a flower and
a sachet of udi each in expression of good wishes to the Indian
government and to the Indian army.
d) From the 7th to the 14th of December, every Upasana centre shall, in
small groups, recite the Ghorakashtoddharan Stotra for a minimum of
24 times everyday.
However, bear in mind that groups may comprise of not more
than 25 persons. Also it will be strictly ensured that the occasion is not
used for slogan shouting or as platform for political stunts of any kind
Following the recitation of the Ghorakashtoddharan Stotra, every
person present, shall sign below the mantra ‘Jai Hind’ written in large
letters. This paper bearing the Ghorakashtoddharan Stotra on the reverse,
should be sent to the government of India
e) Every Indian given in the service to the nation may, at least for one day
out of the seven spoken above, abstain from food (fast) for 14 hours,
from 7 in the morning to 9 in the evening. You can very well drink
water. The ‘pangs’ that you feel, will transform into great strength and
will prove effective.
Do not however, do the fast in groups and do not indulge in
display or show of any kind.
Let us read over and over again the above nine points and the 5 points relating
to actual action included in the 9th one and in accordance with them, let us do this
sacred satyagraha with love and in a disciplined manner.
The path of our satyagraha is in no way of non-co-operation with the
government. It has to be a ‘satyagraha of‘whole-hearted co-operation’ and so it will
certainly be.
I too, will be observing all that has been spoken about.
My dear shraddhaavaan friends, who love their nation, the ‘I’ refers to the
child of India My motherland; the ‘I’ refers to the child of Anasuya, Her child who is
very close to Her heart and the ‘I’ also refers to an obedient young warrior of the
Indian constitution.

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