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Out of total world population, the percentage of middle class is more than the combined percentage of upper class and lower class. The ways of living of middle class people and their way to solve problems is not in extremes means they always find the safe and practical path.

Pratyaksha has also adopted the middle path..

"Tute Vaad Sanvaaad Toh Hitakari".The Aim of Pratyaksha is to follow the middle path for the benefit of our country without getting involved in any disputes.

Pratyaksha gives us lot of important details i.e. how to find out your own capabilities in this competitive world, how to live accordingly, where to stop yourself, where to say no, how to utilize the power bestowed on us, how to use our unity for constructive work in an appropriate way, how to be courteous to others after achieving our goals, etc.

Inspite of being a daily newspaper the articles published in Pratyaksha are not limited for that particular day. We can use that information anytime. PRATYAKSHA NEVER FACE THE ISSUE OF BEING OLD.

Herewith is in brief the information on the articles published in Pratyaksha.

1] Amrut Manthan :-In this section under 'Sai Uvaccha' stanzas from Shri Saisatcharitra are mention with their meanings. In other section there question /answers on Shri Saisatcharitra.In another section,you have to pair.

e.g 1) V.D. Savarkar a)Sardar

2 )Vallabhai Patel b)Swatantryaveer

Answers- 1=b , 2=a

2] June Jag Navi Nazar:- In this section ,cultures ,lifestyles and wars of ancient times are discussed

e.g. The war between Roman Warriors and Karthejiyan warriors in B.C.202

Even with scientifically advanced warfare, we study these ancient warriers and the war techniques used by them.

3] Abhijaat:-In this section reviews on Bollywood and Hollywood movies are published. But information on all movies released is not possible therefore movies which are technically advanced, with good stories/scripts and good acting skill portrayed by the actors/actresses are published.

4] Bhaav Gangechya Kathi:-In this section the Abhangas of Great Saint Tukarama and the chapters of Sartha Shri Ekenathi Bhagwat are described in simple and easy language. Similarly in the section 'Bhartiya Sanskriti', conversation between teacher and disciple in 'Dasbodha' are described. Another section is 'Vande Mataram'

5] Avati Bhavati:- In this section important cities of the world are described. The cultural and geographical importance of that particular city in ancient times as well as in present scenario is also described.

6] Chitratil Farak Olkha (Spot the difference in the given pictures):- Two pictures with miniscule differences are given .We are suppose to spot them with our observatory skills. This sharpens our observation skills and we become alert in day-to-day life.

7] Aaj Lihaycha Jap:- In this section, one Jap (Religious Hymn) is given to be written down. Writing increases our concentration and also what write we speak at least once. That’s why writing japa is beneficial to common humans like us with minimum concentration.

8] Vidnyan Jagat:- In this section scientists and their inventions andalso Nobel laureates and their scientific work is described.

9] Dhyan and Darshan Chitra:- According to me, the purpose behind this section is to pray with full heart and concentration with the picture of God in front of us. In Dhyan Chitra we have to fill in colours as shown in Darshan Chitra and as per Aniruddha Bapu’s directions, coloring Dhyan Chitra is performing Lord’s Pooja itself.

10] Shabdat Dadlele Shabdha Shodha:- In this section we are suppose to rearrange alphabets from the given word to form as many new words as we can. This increases our English vocabulary. English is an international language and thus it is necessary to sharpen our vocabulary and linguistic skills of English.

11] International News:- In this section news from across the globe and infact universe are discussed and analyzed in great detail .The information published under this section is used by Indian Home Department for referencing. Similarly IAS students refer Pratyaksha to study International politics.

12] Dehagram:- This section is exclusively dedicated to human anatomy. It gives vivid descriptions of various ailments of the human body and how they can be treated medically as well as through food, behaviour and nature.

13] Nisargachi Gharghar:-This section is specifically dedicated to a vast and complete spectrum of ecological issues. It covers the topic of Global Warming with meticulous study and thought. We can also find the various studies of political problem and how they have evolved out of Global warming and pollution which is the uniquest feature of this newspaper.

14] Stock Market & Economics:- This section deals with financial and economics of nations and individuals. It assist a lay man with how to earn money.

15] Rights and Previligus of Citizen as per Indian Constitution:- This section has evolved out of the deepest thought and the concern for general public . Here we find very common general information pertinent to Indian law .We can make use of this in our regular life to stay away from falling into legal taps and to use our citizen rights to enjoy the freedoms endowed on us by our Constitution.

16] Vyaspeeth:-This is the section ,reader get the chance to publish his/her view in Pratyaksha.So normal reader can express his/her view about Pratyaksha or about the society.Good suggestion are excepted in Pratyaksha to improve its way.

17] Editorial:- Pratyaksha’s Executive Editor Dr.Aniruddha Joshi’s editorial is not just informative but it is a guide which leads the misleaded society to the right path of life.

This Editorial not only adds on to the reader’s knowledge but it also helps them to take correct decisions in life.

Similarly current scenario’s description is explained through this editorial.Among them the remarkable editorials are The Third World War and India’s glorious historical epic Sunderkand.

Out of these Third World War editorials, a book named “The Third World War” is gifted to the readers.After the Mumbai Terror Attack, readers gave a great response to Dr.Aniruddha Joshi’s editorials.

They showed their participation [or support] by wearing black band on their wrist, wearing white band stating “May Pakistan Be Destroyed” or “Attack Pakistan” on their foreheads and wrists, sending mails to Political Leaders showing their support towards the idea of declaring war against Pakistan. Also on a spiritual level reciting of the “Ghorkashtadharanstotra” for the Indian Soldiers was done by the readers.

When all the newspapers were busy in the Political Gossips, Pratyaksha’s different movement against all this issue assured each and every reader of Pratyaksha of a True Friend who is fighting for their betterment.

And that’s why every reader awaits their True Friend because the aim of the Editorials of Pratyaksha is their reader’s overall development.

Today the world is crawling towards the Third World War but at the same time, the common man is facing several wars in his day to day life! Sometimes fighting against his blood related relatives sometimes corrupt political officials! Sometimes against the recession! Sometimes natural disaster sometimes manmade disasters! In all this only the common man is crushed!

Then may this war be against global warming or may it be against terrorism.

In Pratyaksha’s Editorial, readers are guided on how to face this crisis with confidence and what is our role in this War-time.

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