pRAtyaksha Ahilya sanghAhillya is the personification of the misery of the Indian woman; caught between the injustice of society and that of her husband. The Ahilya Sangh has been formed for suitably equipping woman with the requisite strength and resolve to counter any exploitation and to face any adversity with fortitude. All the Indian Martial Art needed for the self protection of woman have been taught to a select batch of 15 volunteers 'free of cost'. These fully trained volunteers are now, in turn, training subsequent batches, each comprising of 80 volunteers. Besides, all woman who have been wronged, or are facing a crisis situation in their lives, receive support from the "Ahilya Sangh".

Woman, who suffer because of the addiction of their husbands, also receive help from Ahilya Sangh. Till date, more than 800 ladies have been trained under the Ahilya Sangh Project. The Ahilya Sangh also undertakes tree plantation project across Maharashtra. Till date, thousands of trees have been planted across Maharashtra. The Sangh also takes care of the planted trees.

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