Cleanliness can be of three types - Physical, Mental and Intellectual. All these three types can be achieved on two levels, i.e. Personal & Social

Physical -
Personal - Personal Cleanliness (of body, etc.)
Social - Cleanliness of Environment (vicinity), temples, hospitals, etc.

Mental -
Personal - De-Addiction, Eradication of misbeliefs
Social - same as personal.

Intellectual -
Personal - Devotion, Reading good literature
Social - Mass prayers, adult literacy (proudh saksharata), essay competitions, drawing competitions, imbibing good culture on child.

Same case with Hygiene. 3 types - Physical, Mental & Intellectual. And they also can be achieved on two levels - Personal & Social.

Physical -
Personal - Balanced Diet, Exercise
Social - Proper cleaning of fruit/vegetables, preventing diseases, controlling stray dogs, controlling sound and atmospheric pollution.

Mental -
Personal - Controlling Mental Disorder, Individual prayers, etc.
Social - ill-effects of media on health/mind, ill-company.

Intellectual -
Personal - Removing ignorance, instilling discipline, propagating messages throu' entertainment
Social - Removing poverty.

We have to fight on all these fronts to achieve the desired results."
The gist of the pamphlet he distributed thereafter is as follows -

"Cleanliness is one of the essential conditions of sound health. Dirt is an enemy of health. Therefore, we must wage a continuous war against this enemy & keep it away.

However, in today's hectic life, we knowingly or unknowingly neglect the importance of cleanliness and personal hygiene. Keeping this in mind, 'Cleanliness & Hygiene Group' of Sadguru Samarpan Pathak wishes to implement following programmes with peoples' active co-operation.

1. Cleanliness and Public Awareness

2. De-addiction

3. Child Development and Adult Education

4. Importance of Tulsi (Sacred basil)and Dhoop

Considering the health of people in individual localities, preference is given to Cleanliness & Public Awareness Programme.

We solicit your support for the following -

1. Avoid spitting at public places. Through our spit, germs spread in the atmosphere. This is one of the major causes of epidermic diseases like, Tuberculosis (T.B.).

2. Collect all garbage-waste food, fruit skins, waste paper, plastic, etc. in the dustbin and empty it in the nearest public dustbin.

Cleanliness of public toilets

We must flush the toilet with plenty of water after use. Negligance to do so can invite health problems. Germs like hook worms enter in small intestine of children through their delicate skin.

Cleanliness of washbasins and bathrooms

We must be very particular about the cleanliness of wash basins, bathrooms & toilets. These are the places where dirt gathers easily and thus provide a breeding ground for the micro organisms.

We should also use disinfectants like phenyl to make it germ free.

Cleanliness - on the neighbourhood front

Personal cleanliness & clean surroundings go hand in hand. As our home or building is surrounded by other homes or buildings, the condition at this neighbourhood is bound to affect our health. Therefore, our fight against dirt & disease germs must be extended to our surroundings.

So never throw rubbish of any kind like fruit skins, egg shells, waste paper, plastic bags, etc. outside our homes. Collect it in the dustbin & empty it into the public waste-bin.

Importance of "Dhoop"

In order to maintain good health, it is important to light "Dhoop". The benefits of lighting Dhoop are as follows -

1. God is pleased.
2. The surroundings become pleasant & this affects the mind, concentration increases.
3. Curtails the growth of mosquitoes.
4. The growth of germs is under check.

Importance of Tulsi

1. The air (upto a distance of 20 ft. approx.) gets purified due to the Tulsi plant.

2. The fragrance of farina particles of Tulsi purifies the mind & the heart, feeling of depression vanishes.

3. Spiritual & devotional subjects get the positive vibrations & negative vibrations vanish.

4. The juice of Tulasi leaves has medicinal value.

5. While cooking rice, put atleast 2 leaves, due to which the germs in the rice & also in our body gets killed.

For Healthy Life....

It is rightly said that "Health is Wealth". To have a happy, fulfilling healthy life, following is necessary -

1. A Well-Balanced Diet - Everyone should have a nutritious diet. A nutritious diet means a proper inclusion of those food items which have a high value as food. In our everyday diet, there must be a proper inclusion of milk & milk products (like, butter, butter milk, ghee & curd), pulses, vegetables & fruits. Milk is a wholesome food for all. These food items contains vitamins which protect our body from diseases & keep us healthy.

2. Avoid eating too much of sweet or too much of spicy food as it can lead to indigestion.

3. Avoid overeating. One should eat to live, not live to eat.

4. Items of vegetables & fruits must be thoroughly cleaned and washed with plenty of water before cooking so that all dust, dirt and chemical particles are removed.

5. To protect ourselves from waterborne diseases like, jaundice, gastro, diarrhea, etc. make sure that the water we drink is safe and free from micro-organisms. Always drink boiled water.

6. Avoid intake of tobacco and tobacco products like, cigarrettes, bidis, pan masala, gutkha, etc.

7. Wash your hands, feet & face after you enter home. Develop clean eating habits. Wash your hands properly before & after eating. Cut your nails regularly.

Importance of Exercise

Our body is a source of experiencing all material things in the world. Therefore, in order to keep our body fit & healthy, exercise is must for both men and women. If it is not possible to do physical exercise due to age or health condition, in that case walking is a good exercise. However, one must walk for the sake of walking at least 15 to 20 minutes a day either in the morning or in the evening. An exercise of walking not only keeps our body fit but also helps to create / have a balance between our mind & brain. This improves our thinking ability & ability to take proper decisions.

In short, make exercise a part of our daily routine.

Cleanliness, health & happiness go hand in hand. A neat & clean house as well as surrounding will certainly bring a sea change in our lives.

Therefore, a need of the day is a constant and conscious efforts in this direction.

We all from "Sadguru Samarpan Pathak", solicite your support to make your place, a better place to live in & thereby transforming our dream "Beautiful Bharat, Aniruddha Bharat" into reality."

This gives an insight on what Bapu want to do and expects from us. War does not necessarily mean war between two countries or two groups. The war can also be against unseen enemy (which is inside us only, like our bad habits, our laziness, etc.) as explained above. So let's start implementation. Start from yourself, on personal level.
That's all, folks!

|| Hari Om ||

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