These are Loving and caring instruction given by BAPU on 16-06.2005

Before starting usual Discourse BAPU gave some loving and caring advise to avoid wrong adventures. He told that He received one letter with translation of RAMRAKSHA in MARATHI OVI form by a devotee. BAPU said RAJANO! It is not a simple task to translate RAMRAKSHA in MARATHI, because RAMRAKSHA is written in ANUSTHUP CHANDA. ANUSTHUP CHANDA is some special type of creation where ANUSTUP BHAV is essential. ANUSHTUP BHAV is not easy thing to achieve for a common man. At the very beginning of RAMRAKSHA, BAPU told a story that how RAMRAKSHA was created and how this creation is APOURUSHEYA. ANUSTUP BHAV is a great thing to achieve. In this Bhav, I don’t realize any difference/separation between things in my surroundings. Every thing in this entire world has become RAMMAY. So even if a snake comes in front of me, I will say it is my RAM. There are no sorrows as well as no happiness or joy too. There is no difference between any 2 things for me. Even food and excreta is equally treated. Only great Saints like VASISHTHA, Dyaneshwar can make such translations. Dyaneshwar had translated GEETA – SAKSHAT words of Bhagvan Krishna in to Marathi language and the creation was known as Dyaneshwari. Vasishtha was also capable to experience ANUSHTUP Bhav and hence creation of Yog Vasishtha became a translation of Ramayan.

There are many Beej Mantra in Ramraksha and they are created by keeping a specific order. So when in Anushtup bhav, Anushtup Chanda was created , Ramraksha was created. Budhkoushik Rishi has not even mentioned his name while writing,, later on it was written. BAPU said this was his greatness.

In the Marathi translation received by Bapu there are some wrong meaning expressed, which is totally wrong.

BAPU said that SAKHTHINI HANUMATPRABHU is the OVI of RAMRAKSHA, which was totally expressed in wrong manner. This SAKHTHINI is a sacred place in the body which joins MULADHAR CHAKRA with next Chakra.

While doing translation of a great creation like Apourusheya GRANTHA or MANTRA, one should be aware and very cautious that is he not doing any mistake for fun sake or his entertainment sake. BAPU said even you make wrong pronunciation while saying RAMRAKSHA; it doesn’t matter but always remember that only for my hobby purpose I should not do any mistake. I should first think that is there my capacity to lift this great KALAKRUTI.

BAPU advised very softly and with great love that RAJANO! Do not make wrong journey otherwise your BAPU will become unsuccessful in His Role.

If you love Ram then you can write song or poem on Ram and sing that, you can dance on that poem. But always remember that for doing translation BHAV of TULSIDAS and DYANESHWAR is required. They have developed such BAHV that for them there was no difference between AMRUT and Poison, there was no difference between Food and excreta. There was no difference between joy and sorrow. Every thing is filled with their SAI or RAM or KRISHNA TATVA.

SWAMI SHARNAND (VAMANBHAI PATEL) wanted to translate SAISACCHARIT – a great APOURUSHEYA creation in to GUJARATHI language. That time RADHAKRISHNAMAI warned him that remember VAMANYA that your name is VAMAN ( small batu) and try to become VAMAN more and more every time. So Vaman-bhai listened her instructions carefully and he practiced a great penance (TAPACHARAN) and maintained BRAHMACHARYA and then translation was made by him.

BAPU said if we keep on doing such wrong things then wrong meaning will be put forward to society and which will be misguiding to them. Unless your DEHBHAV remains, the world can’t become BRAHMAMAY for you. See when you get hurt you have pain. So your DEHBHAV is still left behind in your body. So far our Deh bhav remains, there is no difference between our action (KRUTI) and BHAV. BAPU said remember Poison was given to Meerabai and she drank that as if she was drinking AMRUT. Are we ready to face such situation?

BAPU said HE knows that the person who has made attempt to translate RAMRAKSHA into MARATHI is a good person and he has really done that with good intention. But Mistake remains mistake. That person should not be blamed as his intention was not bad. But man should take precautions to avoid such mistakes. BAPU even assured that RAM is not angry with that person.

RAMRAKSHA is agreed upon as the ULTIMATE PURITY (ANTIM SHUDDHATA). BAPU said MY WISH is only that no one should take hard efforts to walk on KUMARGA (bad way) due to greediness of fame and name or due to blind Bhakti (devotion)

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