I bow to the feet of that RADHA who’s NISHTHA (FAITH, SHRADDHA) is GATIMAN (speedy) and who has nishtha in speed and you can get speed by having nishtha on Her. We always do SUMIRAN (SMARAN, remembering) of some or other things. When we are in difficulty we automatically take HIS NAM without any break. In Schools we learn our poems or lessons, in day-to-day life we breathe in and breathe out, we eat our food. That means some muscle movements are going on. This indicates that KAL (Time) is a non-stop movement. It never happens that KAL has stopped. Hence till the KAL goes on there is always GATI with respect to KAL because originally GATI belongs to KAL only. GATI is created due to KAL and the power of KAL is GATI. GATI is dependent on KAL irrespective of it is progress or non progress. BHAGVAN stays beyond this KAL. Whatever thing happens that happens in the present tense and hence for the man the Present Tense should be larger. But the man is always either linked with the Future worries or the Past things. The man may be illiterate or educated knows that his life is related with these 3 tenses- Present, Past and Future. Bhagvan stays in ETERNAL PRESENT TENSE (SHASHWAT VARTMAN KAL). There is no past and future tense for Him. The PRESENT TENSE is situation of Bhagvan. HE never becomes old but still He is the oldest. The Past tense is related with the man and the future tense runs in front of the man. But Bhagvan is not tied with these KAL.

BAPU explained with an example that when a woman goes for her delivery, there are many relatives like her mother, mother-in-law, father, sister , husband accompanies her. When doctor says it may take 2 hours for delivery, then these relatives become impatient and they feel that how long are these 2 hours and as if the Time has stopped moving ahead. But when the nurse informs that woman has delivered a boy then these relatives become so busy in informing other relatives or friends this good news that even in late night they do not understand how time has passed away. This time they feel that time had moved faster than earlier occasion. BAPU explained with another example that when we meet our present boss and past boss in a incident then we wish our present boss first and then if required we greet past one. So these things show that relativity is dependent on my necessity. Man is selfish and necessity creates relativity.

For a child mother’s love is relative. In early child hood or till marriage mother’s love is best for him or her and after marriage it becomes a burden.

But Bhagvan does not have any necessity which man can fulfill. Bhagvan is same as He was earlier and He will be same as He is today. So there is no theory of relativity for HIM. When we see PUROHIT or Priest offers sweets or ornaments or rich clothes to Bhagvan that is not His necessity. We should think that is He hungry who fulfills the hunger of the entire Universe and only depends on the food we offer or clothes we provide or is HE becomes PURE only when we give BATH or ABHISHEK to HIM. HE does not require our bath to become PURE as HE is the only one who gives PURITY to every living being. BAPU said you have seen what things BABA (SAIBABA) had accepted in His 80years life. HE asked for alms Himself, He stitched His own clothes with His own hands; HE cleaned His place for living. Then BAPU Bhagvan may like Bhakti from us. No remember this thing that by devotion or Bhakti you will get your welfare. He Himself is ANAND SWAROOPA and He wants to distribute ANAND (JOY) to every Jeeva. Then BAPU this has become HIS necessity or need. BAPU said look here no man is completely happy. My devotion is not that strong but HE still supports me in every difficulty, He always pulls me out from muddy areas. HE is prefect and precise. So Bhagvan is beyond the limits of KAL, HE is not attached /joined with KAL and HE is not bound by the limits of KAL and hence also not bound by Gati. But BAPU we listen that when devotee calls him, He comes immediately flying on his Eagle. SO these rules become wrong. BAPU said this is not like the way you think. He explained that to move from one place man has to shift from one place to another. Suppose I call a boy and ask him to hand over a glass to Sadhanatai who is sitting in that corner, then that boy has to move from this place (near to me) to that place (near to Sadhanatai). Where is Gati possible? Gati is possible between 2 points. Disha (Direction) and Time (KAL) are 3 principles. But Disha does not mean only direction. BAPU said I am telling you about 2 different points. Suppose I am talking from this place and there are 2 Mike Amplifiers used to communicate my voice to other people sitting at other place. Though I am speaking here all people can listen my voice simultaneously. But if some one closes the amplifier or some one puts cotton balls in his eyes then my voice can’t reach to other people or that person. Bhagvan does not have Gati as HE is situated every where.

Bhagvan stays in the heart of Saint as well as in the heart of Raman Raghvan ( a famous murderer in Mumbai). But He is active in Saint’s heart while inactive in Raman Raghvan’s heart.

Bhagvan (HE) is omnipotent everywhere and there is no need for Him to go from one place to another place. HE himself is present every where. We describe Him as –


BHAV means the SANSAR i.e. the materialistic world. Bhagvan protects me as soon as I remember Him. He is SMARAN MATRA SANTUSHTAY. He is pleased and blesses you only by remembering Him. He does not have DISHA and KAL barriers and such Bhagvan’s beloved and SAHACHARI’S (who always stays with HIM) name is GATINISHTHAYAI. Bhagvan never goes anywhere. He is not Gatisheel, as He is present everywhere. But at the same time He is also not Gatihin (who does not have Gati)

BAPU explained with example of Saisaccharit that Dasganu wanted to visit Prayag to have darshan of Sangam where GANGA and YAMUNA and SARAWATI meets together and SAIBABA does not allow him to got to Prayag. SAIBABA asked him if he really has faith then he can get darshan at Shirdi itself. Then when Dasganu bowed at the feet of SAIBABA, he saw that GANAGA and YAMUNA are flowing from SAIBABA’S feet. BAPU asked that time from where the GANGA and YAMUNA came? They came from the same place at the feet of SAIBABA. HE IS not SAPEKSHA. HE IS ETERNAL (SHASWAT). Bhagvan is eternal and His SAKHI, His beloved SAKHI RADHA is GATINISHTHAYAI. She believes in NISHTHA (FAITH) which gives Gati. She offers NISHTHA to the devotee so that worries of Past and Future should not harass him. RADHA has only one GATI – the opposite GATI of DHARA (FLOW). We JEEVATMA are the fraction of Bhagvan only and MAYA creates the distance between Bhagvan and us. RADHA is only ultimate one who offers and enhances GATI. All Pantha say that ANTE MATIHI SA GATI. The man gets rebirth as his thoughts are in the last moment. BAPU then what about the persons who are in coma? They are unconscious. BAPU replied that this is not death. The birth is given depending on the thoughts at the last moment of the death. We will get GATI as our thoughts are.

We are standing on the divider of the road to cross it and vehicles are passing on. Whenever we try to cross the road, vehicles come across and we go back to divider again. But some times there is no point of return means we can neither move in forward and nor in backward direction. Such point of no return comes in life also. Due to wrong direction, wrong GATI, wrong KAL, wrong speed we cannot move in right direction. So this RADHAJI is the one who sends us back again and again from this point of no return. SHE always wants that no one should reach point of no return. But in spite of Her efforts, Kansa, Ravan, Duryodhan, Karan reached this point of no return in their lives.

Bhagvan never wants that you should be sad or worried. RADHA only wants Her beloved Husband’s joy and that’s why She has NISHTHA that all people should be happy. She creates NISHTHA in people’s GATI and gives GATI to these people’s NISHTHA. So these Rishi have named Her as GATINISHTHAYAI.

BAPU what is use of knowing all these things to us? BAPU told that He does not have things of time pass. He tells us only which is PRACTICAL.

BAPU said again we would see the same example of road crossing. If we directly enter in the road without looking at the vehicles, some vehicle will hit us. So first we have to reach up to signal or a divider while crossing the road. If we can’t cross the road in between then we should have patience (SABURI) to wait for some time till the line of vehicles end. But does that mean that we should wait till night 12 o’clock to end the line of vehicles? But SABURI does not mean not to do any thing and only wait for positive thing to happen. SABURI means I should walk the distance till the time it is UCHIT for me. BAPU again explained that if my age is 70 years then I should not take risk of hanging in the door while traveling through a train though I have traveled in same way before 25 years during my service. I was traveling in same manner before 25 years but I should not travel today at age of 70 years. If I want SAFETY then I must have SABURI. Either I should go to V.T. (terminus of the railway from where the train starts) or I should travel when there will be no crowd. BAPU said again he will continue with the example of road crossing. If I have to cross the road and the signal is away from the place I have to cross the road then I must go to that signal to cross the road so as to avoid the accident. That may be in the opposite direction of my traveling and the destination building may be from the place of crossing and I have to travel in opposite direction again to reach the destination. But that time we never blame Bhagvan, Police Inspector or that Signal. We blame ourselves that if I would have asked some person then this wastage of time might be avoided. Here I curse my mistake and myself.

BAPU said the same thing happens in the life but here we curse BHAGVAN. We never ask expert people to guide us when we don’t know further road. The fear is created in the mind and we loose peace of mind and we get wrong GATI. That means the REBIRTH concept has arrived. Again the same signal, same walking and the man keep on walking on the wrong road as he never asks or does not like to ask the experts. The SAINTS are these experts or INDICATION Boards.

BAPU said I am not a big man who can give you big discourse. I am not SAINT also. I do not have any signs or symbols of ADHYATMA (SPIRITUALISM). I don’t have any GANDHA, any RUDRAKSHA MAL. I don’t wear BHAGVA VASTRA (Saffron clothes which normally Sadhu wears). So I am not SADHU also. I wear a golden chain, which my grandmother offered me with intense love. I wear shirt and pant. I talk on mobile phone. I drive the car and in old days I used to drive bike. I see movies like you. I have taken admission in NAIYAR College and done proper registration and I have passed out my M.B.B.S. exam. Like Bhagvan I don’t have any EAGLE, any chariot or even I don’t have any bed (GADDI). So there is no SPIRITUAL SIGN with this BAPU.

BAPU said I eat chicken. So BAPU does not have any symbols or signs of SPIRITUALISM with HIM.

HE further said HE wants to love and HE will surely love irrespective of whether you love HIM or you do not love HIM. BAPU told some days before some very big authorities of Spiritualism field took meeting and they wanted to find out how this BAPU has thousands of Volunteers with HIM. They made survey. They thought BAPU might be giving money to these people. But no, it was noticed by them that there was no money offered to these volunteers. Volunteers eat food with their own money. Then the people thought BAPU might be offering some PRASAD where some thing (AFOO) must be mixed in PRASAD to cheat them or to hypnotize them. But here - there is no thing like PRASAD. What they found then? BAPU sometimes gives bad words or curses these people in His discourse also.

Finally BAPU said there question is still there why so many Volunteers go to BAPU remains unanswered and they will never get answer for this.

BAPU said that they will never find any SPIRITUALISM SIGN with me. HE further told I do not have any SIDDHI. Neither any CHAKRA moves around My head not any LIGHT comes out from My head. BAPU said even I have declared with My OWN Signature (in SHRIMADPURUSHARTHA) that I am not any incarnation of Bhagvan. BAPU said even in My 3rd October’s discourse I declared that I am DEVIL (RAKSHAS). You can call me whatever you want to call me. Is BAPU a SAINT? No, not at all, BAPU is not a SAINT. BAPU is not SADHU. Yes! BAPU is SANDHI SADHU!(who takes benefits of the opportunities). Is BAPU a gentle man? No, BAPU is not a gentle man! You ask my BAL students, once all 103 students stood in one side holding one bamboo and opposite side only BAPU was there but still they can’t pull THIS OLD MAN. Then BAPU is DURJAN (BAD MAN)? How much BAPU is DURJAN? Then who is BAPU? If you want to know SAIT, then DYANESHWAR, MEERABAI, SAINT AADAL was SAINTS.

This BAPU shows only HIS finger (to guide you). Even after that you don’t listen HIM then HE will push you or HE will make you fall by entangling your leg with HIS leg. HE will also laugh when you will fall. HE takes care that even though you are hurt or wounded, you should not go on wrong road. BAPU knows very well that HE has to pull your ear when it is required and not later. But only one condition is there and that is YOU SHOULD HAVE COMPLETE TRUST (VISHWAS) ON ME. In MARATHI, BAPU is called to your elder brother. But in my case no, since My childhood, My Grandmother called me lovingly BAPU.

BAPU said I will surely bring the person on the right road who has complete TRUST on me, even if he thinks that is wrong road for him and for this purpose I am ready to listen however bad words or curse you may give me. BAPU said I have the greatest EGO (AHANKAR) with me but I ask you to give up that same EGO.

Throw away all such matters in the dustbin that WHO I (BAPU) AM? What is BAPU? I am as it is I am. But this BAPU is MINE! When you have this TRUST then even if the entire world is standing opposite to you or the whole world is cursing you, giving you bad words I (BAPU) will stand with you. NO DISHA (DIRECTION) and NO TIME (KAL) can bind me so far till today. I don’t know why? But this is the fact. I am bound with RADHA only. My entry in any direction (DISHA) and in any KAL is unavoidable.

You want magic from ME in today’s life. But the whole life passes away behind this magic. If I say in moment I will give you birth, in next moment I will offer your marriage and in next moment you will become 80 years old then is this preferred by you? Certainly not! RUT is the rules through which this Universe or the world is ruled. But these rules of RUT are not dry rules, they are purely love oriented. RUT means all the things that happen in the world. Behind every magic there is a scientific fact hidden. The human being (man) is bound with DISHA and KAL but Bhagvan is not bound.

We see the ray of light travels in different medium but it changes its direction as per medium. But BHAGVAN is not bound with this change. The man who wants to accept from BHAGVAN is bound with the DISHA and KAL. So there are 2 possibilities in this case that either the man should go to Bhagvan to accept things by breaking the limitations of DISHA and KAL. But this is not possible to the man as it is a possible only for SAINTS. You are not SAINTS. So the other possibility is that the man should go in that direction of DISHA and KAL from where the rays of HIS grace are coming to us.

BAPU said MY MEDIUM is totally different.

BAPU said if the man tries to become good man , he tries to change his life in good manner, he wants to become strong then BAPU will surely go in that man’s direction and give him the UCHIT things for him irrespective of whether you want or you do not want.

BAPU said I am not a showpiece. So don’t request people to come and see me. I am not a thing to be told or to be communicated.

The SUN rises and sets off and there is no need of ADVERTISEMENT for that.

I decide that man’s GATI who has TRUST on me. You can’t pass away (death) until there is MY STAMP on your Passport is signed. This 108% sure that your coming (birth) and your going (death) is in My hands.

I have come for the same purpose and I am not going to be avoided very soon. I will go away but after that 2500 years I will come again. So I will give UCHIT DISHA and GATI to every one before I pass away.

To take darshan on GURUPOORNIMA day is very different. You want to call me GURU , you can, you want to call me a friend, you can. But remember the one thing that whether you want or you do not want your life’s GATI is in MY HANDS.

I have come to this earth due to RADHA’S PRAYAS (efforts and PRAYAS are different). Due to HER PRAYER, HER REQUEST I have come to distribute JOY and HAPPINESS. JOY never becomes less by distributing. If I want I can give 100 Rupees to every one. But that is not important. The LIFE’S GATI is IMPORTANT. This should not be BLIND GATI. You have to take turn from where you must take turn. We can see from the map that while traveling to MUMBAI we have to take many turns. This is fact in case to reach a physical destination like MUMBAI then think of how many times you should change your DISHA , DIRECTION to reach to HIM. Not only DISHA but some times you might have to change your VEHICLE also. Sometimes you have to take BOAT, some times helicopter, i.e you have to change your GATI through your vehicle. I don’t know which river or which mountain will come across me, so I should catch HIS hand that knows this well.

BAPU said that I never leave your hand once you give it to me to hold. But I catch his hair who leaves my hand or my finger.

Now you have to decide whether you will catch MY FINGER or I should catch your hair.


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