Trees are natures air conditioners. In one year the average tree inhales 26 pounds of carbon dioxide, the amount emitted by a car on an 11,000 mile trip. This same tree will in turn exhale enough oxygen to keep a family of 4 breathing for a year. Your trees treat the carbon dioxide they take in. The foliage uses the carbon in the gas to make sugars and starches. The leftover oxygen is released back into the air. We could not sit here today and breathe the clean air we are breathing without our trees. Trees are the greatest collectors of the suns energy. All energy comes from the sun and our trees collect and store more of it than anything else in the world. The benefits of trees can be divided into two general areas. Direct benefits, such as cool from shade or increased property value and indirect benefits. Indirect benefits impact you, the tree owner and the community in real, but less tangible ways. In fact, indirect benefits from trees are more numerous
than direct benefits. These benefits include filtration and absorption of air pollutants, reduced storm water run off, storing of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide and beneficial impact on the general quality of life. Perhaps the greatest contribution our trees make is an emotional one. People who live in cities brighten up at the site of a tree, the scrawniest saplings challenging the concrete. Silently in our minds they rise as symbols of stability, dignity, adventure, comfort and knowledge. Maybe we should stop for a moment and wonder how many trees will be left for our children and grandchildren.

Importance and reasons why they must exist

1.trees make effective sond barriers
2.trees produce oxygen .
3.trees become carbon sink.
4.trees clean the air.
5.trees shade and cool
6.trees act as wind breakers
7.trees fight soil erosion.
8.trees increase property values
9.trees slow running water

This is a very important project in our AADM role .....this is nothing but for our own good ..this plantation project is nothing but protecting ourself from bad consequences that we ourself are responsible .. as we have seen above trees help us in so many ways but today we instead of planting nature tree are planting concrete trees which is 108 % forming bad consequences. . IMAGINE We every one of us atleast do 1 tree plantation then we are on ...
today on the occasion of world envoirment day we must all try to decide that i will try and plant atleast on tree ..... Our sadguru bapu himself has also told us regards of the importance of plants and trees.... since bapu himself has told us we must all realise how important these plants and tress are for us...these plants are also the soldiers of our mission ramrajya so its our duty to protect them .....


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