Soumitra, Soumitrivastal, from Sumitra –Soumitra and from Soumitra Soumitrivastal and this Soumitrivastal protects my Mukh. We have seen this Mukh’s one aspect that Bhav of Najar. We have also seen how this Soumitrivastal protects my Najar and Bhav of my Najar in last discourse (05.05.2005). But it is more important to know what we achieve and how we achieve that by looking at the feet of Lakshmana, Seeta and Ram. There is big difference in a thing we do blindly or unknowingly and thing we do after knowing about it. BAPU explained that you have been taught to write A, B, C, D etc. But no one taught you that A is A and B is B, they only showed you how to write alphabet or that letter by drawing. So you know diagrams of A, B, C and D but if you don’t know A stands for A then you can’t read letters like A, B, C and D, because you only know these as signs. Thus even some one teaches me all the alphabets from A to Z, but he didn’t teach me what should be called as what, then they are as only as signs or indications or diagrams for me, I can’t make their proper use. Similarly in this Bhaktimarg also whatever I do, I must know that properly first. BAPU emphasized that that’s why HE always says that Bhaktimarg is not job of a man who does not use his brain. Bhaktimarg is a work of an intelligent man. BAPU clearly told here that intelligent doesn’t mean that a man should hold degrees like MA. or PH.D. There are lakhs of people of Varkari Sampraday who were farmers and staying in village who don’t know even how to read A, B, C, D, but still they were intelligent and knowledgeable. They were having more information that how is their GOD (DEO)?

Today we have to see second meaning of Mukh which is very important from this point of view. The second meaning of Mukh is the mouth consisting of tongue, teeth and 2 lips with which we eat. There are 2 uses of mouth – one for talking and another for eating/taking food inside. One is for accepting action and one is for creating action. Tongue in the mouth is indispensable factor. If tongue speaks beyond limit then teeth are in danger. We see people threaten or warn that if one more word comes then they will break our teeth. See here tongue is doing crime and teeth have to bear or face difficulty. So who has to suffer in spite of story of some one else? Our life passes this way. Due to greediness of this tongue we eat excessive or drink excessive and our body has to suffer from all the bad effects. We speak with help of tongue and eat with help of teeth. But if the same teeth eat our lips then tongue is not sufferer. But is there any rule like if we catch some one’s part with our teeth then only he will have pains and if we catch our part we will not get pains? No, even if you bite your own tongue with your teeth, you will get hurt. You will get wound on your tongue. Here I should understand that as I use my mouth for others the same way I use same mouth for me also. My teeth can bite my tongue as well as others similarly my tongue can be bitten by others. I taste with my tongue and similarly others taste me with help of my tongue. Remember this thing that I taste food with my tongue but others taste me with my tongue. This does not have bad meaning that they lick my body. Here it means people realize/judge me from the words I utter with my tongue or I talk. This is very important thing that how we use our tongue. We keep on talking though others don’t want to listen us. What we like to hear? We like to hear others abuses, gossips, secrets we like the most. But more we like to talk. We keep on talking at house, in neighbors, at office with colleagues. Even we talk with persons traveling with us during journey of 4 hours. Bapu narrated one story of a grandmother who wanted to keep her mouth shut in front of strangers while she was traveling in a bus. But some how stranger could manage to make grandmother talk about her family. She was scared that some day some one will kidnap her beautiful grand daughter who has completed her B.A and for whom the family is searching a proper match. But unknowingly she told stranger the whole story. Finally when she reached home, she knew her granddaughter ran away with some one. After 6 months the family came to know that the person was same stranger whom granny met in the bus and described the entire story. Bapu again narrated second story which was told for many times by HIM. A man was having 4 daughters and all 4 were stammering (not able to speak properly). Some how he managed to bring one man so that at least one can get married. He warned all 4 daughters not to speak in front of him. But when meal was served and the man started praising about vegetable prepared, first daughter spoke. To tease her about her fault that father has warned not to talk, second daughter talked and third daughter talked to tease second one and so on. Thus all 4 daughters spoke.

BAPU said we are like either that old woman or these daughters. With first story we knew that we make our own loss by speaking imaginary bad things. From second story we realized that we become harmful for ourselves by speaking those things which we should not speak about ourselves. So we have to call Ram, Soumitrivastal Ram to protect our Mukh. This Mukh has always troubled me a lot. 10 or 20 or 25 beggars ran to you when a car or vehicle stops at a signal in Mumbai. They touch your body, shirt or blouse and ask for money, if you don’t pay them then they abuse. First I should ask this question that why so many beggars are found in India ? Why maximum nos. of beggars is seen in India ? It is because maximum no. of foolish people stay in India . BAPU said that remember this thing that you are also counted in that. But I am (BAPU) alone not counted in those foolish ones because I never give any thing to any one.

We think that our religious nature means to throw some flowers on God in the temple and distribute some money like 25 paisa, 50 paisa to beggars who are sitting outside the temple. We think we will gain Punya by donating to beggars, but no you will get sins in your account. You should first understand that they have become beggars because you offer alms (Bhiksha) to them. There is purchaser of some thing hence there is a seller. We see advertisement on Television about Nature-friend that child tells his father that doesn’t buy skin of tiger; there is a seller because you are purchasing that thing from him. If no one exists to purchase the skin of tiger then tiger won’t be killed. Similarly I should understand that if no donor exists then there won’t be beggars too. Man should think that do I use my mouth to ask for alms like beggars use their mouths for begging. Every one sitting here should think that have I begged for any time? Have I become beggar some time? When I have begged? I should think about it. We keep on asking for some thing even in the doors of Parmeshwar we beg. We must know that there is no need to ask for alms or beg at Parmeshwar. There is no need of pleading or requesting. But there is need of Prayer. But still we keep on asking at Parmeshwar. We should understand meaning of begging. Begging means asking for that thing for which I am not capable. Begging means my capacity or capability is not for that thing and still I ask for same thing. Parmeshwar gives me more than what I am able for, because it is never essential to beg at Parmeshwar. In SAISACCHARIT, SAIBABA shouts at Deo. HE became furious at Deo, HE hits him. Saibaba quarrels with Deo and asks him why he is stealing torn clothes

( Chindhi) when HE is ready to give him a costly Shela weaved with Jari. We have read Sai-Saccharit for thousand times, but we could not realize that why we should steal torn clothes when Parmeshwar is able to provide us with rich clothes. We should think that do we use our mouth for begging. Where we do not beg? We always beg at Parmeshwar. Husband and wife beg at each other. I know you all will be angry with me that BAPU is calling us beggars. BAPU said I don’t care at all that you are angry with me.

Husband has some expectations from his wife and wife has some expectations from her husband and there is nothing wrong in that. But I should think that how much expectations of the man in front of me I complete or fulfill in comparison with my expectations from him or her? Why I don’t behave such that man in front of me should not ask or expect any thing from me? BAPU explained that we think that there is right on each other when we become husband and wife. BAPU said Yes! there you go wrong that you think you have right on others. It is not right. BAPU said RAJANO! There is no right in real Love. There is no taking only giving exists in real Love. There is no asking in Real Love. The true love of husband and wife means they don’t ask from each other , they keep on giving to each other.

BAPU explained all the women that women may complain to Him that if they don’t ask for a Sari to their husbands, husbands will not give them Sari for 10 years. BAPU said that He is not saying about Sari. He said RAJANO! You are asking with love some thing from him and that is separate issue. But when husband expects that his wife should behave in such way and wife expects her husband should behave in such way and these are expectations. Every time I think my partner should behave in such way. Women think that their husbands should behave like hare in the house and become tiger in external materialistic world. Then it is not possible. BAPU said He will be tiger inside the house that is tiger at outside the house. Thus Bapu said we have wrong expectations means we beg from others. Instead of this you just love others. You have lost your habit of loving to others. BAPU said RAJANO! There is no use of other things than use of tongue and Bhav in eyes while loving others. We may not realize Bhav in eyes some times, but we will surely know Bhav of words uttered by tongue. We know one sentence can be pronounced with different Bhav. I pronounce this with different Bhav of tongue.

BAPU said one sentence with different Bhav –

Ramesh has gone to see movie. (plain sentence )

Ramesh has gone to see a movie! (surprise)

Ramesh has gone to see a movie?

Then why we can’t use our tongue while expressing love. Husband and wife quickly use their tongue to express their anger. Mother and father while talking with children, or children behaving with mother and father use their tongue quickly when they become angry without thinking at all. We say go into hale, you have made my life miserable. BAPU said why you people talk bad words, even on a simple occasion. Why you use your tongue to say bad words ? I should use my mouth, my tongue, my Vani (Speech) for expressing love. BAPU said who says don’t quarrel at all? There is no fun if quarrels are not there. But after quarreling with each other I should forget my anger within half an hour and while quarreling also I should know that I am fighting or quarreling with whom. We should first of all understand that husband is quarreling with his wife or vise versa, father is quarreling with daughter or son, means we are not quarreling with our enemies. Even our tongue takes lot of time to utter the word LOVE.BAPU said last time I told you that say SHIV, SHIV when you become angry for 10 times. But we can’t say SHIV , SHIV for 10 times because before saying SHIV for first time, we abuse. But when I ask to LOVE, instead of 10 times even I say SHIV for 1000 times, I can’t love. We think love means when any one in family is sick with fever then don’t switch on the fan or apply Vicks or any balm on forehead, offer tea, do this and do that or cry loudly when some one is dead. BAPU said this not LOVE but it is drama of LOVE, it is a scene of LOVE.

When I bring a very big cake on my son’s birthday, I offer costly return gifts to invitees, I offer party in big hotel to 100 people, all such things don’t reflect your love for your son. I can say I love my son only when your love is on your lips as well as in your stomach and my anger is only on my lips. Husband-wife, mother-father, father-son are such relations where anger should not enter in stomach. Anger should come on lips and end on lips only. It should not enter in stomach. We take lot of time to utter word LOVE. But we say bitter words quickly. BAPU said HE told last time that SUMITRA is the power to say “NO”. But you have the evil power to say “NO”. People have habit to say NO at first point. Husband returns home in a jolly mood and asks wife to come with him for a walk but she refuses as she has some other work or she wants to see a TV Serial. BAPU said why you say NO at first word. First listen what he or she wants to tell you. When son wants to tell some thing to father, father says NO in first word. First you listen what others wants to tell you and then decide whether to say No or not.

We never learn to say NO where it is required and we say NO when it is not required. Thus table of life keeps on passing. See, how wrong use we are making of our tongue? So really Ram must run to save our Mukh. VALMIKI said MARA, MARA instead of RAM, RAM but RAM protected whole VALMIKI and washed off all his sins. Ram is such loving one that He will surely save us even though we speak opposite like Valmiki.

BAPU said there are rumors in villages that a ghost or Saitan(demon) or Brahmasamndha or Hadal (whose legs are reverse and mouth is opposite) exists in some places. BAPU said such things do not exist but they are our imaginations of mind. BAPU said if RAJANO any such Hadal exists then that is your tongue, whose legs are reverse and mouth is opposite. That means blind’s walk. It is better that we have eyes in the direction which we walk. We see that we require a mirror while taking car in reverse gears. If mirror is not there I can’t take vehicle in reverse gears. We don’t have eyes at our back. We have to turn our neck in back direction to see. That means my feet should be in direction of my Najar or my Najar should be in direction of feet and the tongue does not have this thing. Tongue does not have eyes. So our tongue speaks that thing which we don’t want to say. It goes in that direction which we don’t want to go. So Ram is required to protect our Mukh means our Tongue.

Tongue does one more job which we can’t imagine. We see cow, buffaloes, dogs lick their own body with their tongue and clean their body. Animals at least do job of cleaning their own body. But the man uses same tongue for cleaning others bad things. The man cleans others body with his own tongue. Remember when we say false things about others or insult others that time we eat dirt of their body. First of all we do have more dirt of our own life and then we collect dirt of others in our life. We know what pigs eat. Pigs eat excreta of others but they don’t eat excreta of other pigs. But man eats his own excreta. BAPU said RAJANO! Remember I am telling from bottom of heart that when you say false things about others, you gossip, you insult others that become harmful dangerous for your own life and from that you create biggest sins. These things you don’t know. But apart from whether you know or not know that thing does its work. BAPU explained this fact with an example. HE said suppose a wife is standing on first floor and you are sitting on the ground, then suppose a pot fell down from her hands then what will happen? Whether that pot is purposely dropped by her on you or whether it falls unknowingly, the result will be the same. I should know that other job is not possible. So I should not enter in such circumstances. We don’t control our tongue. We keep on talking bad things about others like vomit, which is wrong. So for that control we want Ram and how is this Ram? HE is Soumitrivastal Ram. Why is HE Soumitrivastal? He is Soumitrivastal because UCHIT USE of TONGUE & SPEECH is characteristic of Lakshmana. Lakshmana’s characteristic is UCHIT USE of SPEECH because he has used his SPEECH only for RAM. Only this Lakshmana has used his speech only for Ram. In entire Ramayana, we see Lakshmana speaks very rare, even though he always accompanies Ram or he is one feet ahead of Ram. Tulsidas has very beautifully described how Ram, Seeta and Lakshmana walk. Seeta follows Ram and Lakshmana follows Seeta so that no wild animal can attack from back. Seetamai’s wish that Her feet should not overlap Ram’s feet and hence she puts her feet in between 2 feet of Ram. Now Lakshmana becomes awkward because he does not want to keep His feet on feet of Ram and Seeta. Lakshmana either puts his feet before or after these 4 feet, so think how great exercise Lakshmana is doing. This Soumitra, Lakshmana has this power of using UCHIT at every place. He uses this Speech (VACHA) for speaking very limited things. He never speaks unwanted or waste things. The very important thing is that He is basically SHESHA and Shesha has Anant (indefinite) tongues. Shesha has One SAHASTRA Mukh (1000) Mukh and 2 SAHASTRA Tongues. But remember though He has 2000 tongues, he talks very rarely. But how much do we speak even we have only one tongue. Lakshmana speaks rarely even he has strength of 2000 tongues but we common petty men speak thousands times more than Lakshmana.

An important thing is that Shesha always sings VISHNUSAHASTRANAM. That means his 2000 tongues only pronounce SAHASTRANAM. But our only tongue pronounces indefinite other things. Here we will realize why Soumitrivastal Ram should come to protect our Mukh and no one else is of our use. Only this Shesha knows UCHIT USE of this tongue and no one else knows. This Lakshmana only knows how to put next feet. BAPU said it is not that simple that Lakshmana don’t put his feet on Ram and Seeta’s feet while walking through forest. Seeta’s entire world lies in 2 feet of Ram. Seeta’s world is the only space between 2 feet of Ram and Lakshmana’s world starts from feet of Ram and Seeta and progresses. So the feet spreading all over the world from the feet of Ram and Seeta are the feet of Lakshmana. Seeta’s feet take us inside of Ram’s feet. So our tongue’s direction should be like Lakshmana. The work of tongue should start from the feet of ram and should be immersed in the Anant Roopa of Ram. We should be able to chant Ram, Seeta and Lakshmana’s name and while chanting His name one day we should melt in His name. But this thing never happens with us. We can not walk like Lakshmana because we wash off or clean off the indications of the feet of Ram and Seeta in our life and we walk as we wish and hence we face problem. So we want Soumitrivastal Ram to save us, to protect us. Lakshmana is the one who starts his life from the feet of Ram and He remains balance after covering Ram and Seeta too. So who should protect our Mukh? Soumitrivastal Ram should protect our Mukh.

We read in books that there are 4 types of Jap. One is murmured within mouth, second is spoken loudly so that people can hear, third is within the mouth when tongue is moving and lips are not moving and the fourth is within the mind where tongue is also not moving. The greatest JAP is the one where tongue does not move and within the mind. However we try we find that tongue moves when we say jap. But important thing of all is that that NAMSMARAN is the best where even tongue does not move. The same thing should happen in our life. That moment is great when our tongue will not move. We should stop talking with tongue then slowly slowly talking with mind will be stopped. This does not mean that you should be always become dumb. But we should speak where it is required and should not speak where it is not required. BAPU said He is telling from bottom of His heart that doesn’t speak. His life can become better who learns to use his tongue in better way. You hurt a man with your tongue is that much that you can’t hurt a man with 10 Brahmastra. But Parmeshwar remembers only those things which you speak without moving your tongue. So the thoughts which come in our mind without movement of tongue reach Parmeshwar quickly. So when a bad though comes to mind and not pronounced then also it reaches to Parmeshwar. Without moving my tongue I may not hurt people, but I can make Parmeshwar sad because He always knows what we are doing. A common brain of common intelligence knows within a fraction of a second the orders sent by brain and received by brain. Then how much time Parmeshwar will take to know that? It is not even 1/1000 times of a 1/10th second’s time. The moment we thought it reaches to HIM. He may not speak but we know His stick does not make sound then he may be who so ever. We should learn a lesson from Krishna ’s Charitra (autobiography) that Krishna sank that Dwarka which HE HIMSELF has established. This is HIS POWER and STRENGTH. He established them in Dwarka far from Mathura and gave them whatever they wanted. But when He noticed that they are behaving wrongly then very calmly and peacefully He dropped them and then He went to His own NIJDHAM. That means establishment of Dwarka was a game at His finger tip and the same of immersing of Dwarka too. We should understand that there is nothing that we should have fear about Krishna . BAPU said remember we never asked this question to our mind that was Krishna happy when He immersed Dwarka, which was established by HIM, HIS own hands, whose every brick was golden and whose citizens were His own people, was HE happy while they were sinking? Bapu asked tell me was HE devil or demon. BAPU again said remember that Krishna immersed Dwarka but He never immersed Gokul. He always stays in Gokul. It is our decision that whether we want to stay in Gokul or Golden Dwarka. So great devotee (MEENATAI) left us telling that NAKO DWARKAECHE HIRE….. We don’t want HIRE (diamonds) of Dwarka, but even cow dung of Gokul is of our benefits. But we sit peacefully in Dwarka. Bapu said remember that Krishna is GOKULADHISH and not Dwarkadhish. He never became king of Dwarka. BAPU said think how much Krishna was sad when He was immersing that Dwarka. We will sink if we stay in Dwarka and make this thought firm. So it is better to stay in Krishna ’s Gokul , there may not be Wealth of Dwarka but remember that there is greatest wealth of the world that SAKSHAT KRISHNA stays there. Gokul is such a place where you will not get sad and sorrows for name sake also. We have to decide whether we want to live in Gokul or Dwarka. Any one can say that I will behave like Dwarka and stay in Gokul then it is not possible at all and that is never possible. So we must know that Bhagvanta knows each and every thing and hence GOKUL is GOKUL and Dwarka is Dwarka. So it all depends on our tongue which speaks and which does not speak and how we make use of it. When we go in dense forest at night and no one is seen in surrounding area then quickly RAM NAM comes from our mukh and it keeps on coming till we reach safer place in village. So either due to greediness (LOBH) or due to fear I chant RAM NAM. But when once this SAI gives me some thing what I wanted, I stop HIS NAM until second time comes when I require some thing again. Our tongue is not ready to say SAI, SAI again and again and hence I require Ram to protect it. Animals live only for LOBH and due to fear. If being a man also we are doing same things then what is difference between animals and man? When we say Ram protect our tongue means Ram protect my HUMANITY and destroy my animal nature. My tongue separates me from my prana. No other animal has capacity to talk; only man can talk. Soumitrivastal Ram should protect my Mukh and HE must burn my animal nature to ashes. If I want to protect my Humanity then I must protect my Mukh. This tongue is the one which takes me either to Humanity or to animal nature (PASHUTVA). But we don’t realize this. Any good or bad thing happens as per its rules.

How Ram protects our Humanity? We don’t prefer to stay alone. Man always likes company of others. I can’t stay alone. If I stay alone for a month I feel I will become mad. But Saint always stay alone and don’t become mad because they are never alone. Their Parmatma stays with them. Our Parmatma is not with us and hence we feel we are alone. This loneliness harasses us. But even when we are amongst 100 people, we feel alone. We should understand that one man can become support for other man. But we don’t become support for others. Your life gives support to others and not your hands. Remember tongue can give the support which on one else can provide. So one and half month old child sleeps when he listens song from his mother. That time this tongue gives him support. We should think that how many times we have used our tongue to give support to others? I may not be able to support financially to others but I can support them with my tongue. But we can’t give even that support. So we also don’t get support because we don’t give support to others. When a man is depressed in depression from all 4 directions and one word of support comes that though I may not help you in any way but I will be with you any time, I will try to help you at the best of mine then remember this word of love gives support. A son has failed in examination and father bits him but mother’s one word that though she can’t teach him, she will make tea when he is burning mid night oil for studies calms that son. We don’t try to support other’s life so that Parmatma can’t become support of our life. If I want to provide support to others then I must take support of my tongue.

Remember Lakshmana was support of all whether he is monkey or he is citizen or she is Kaustalya mother or she is Janaki Mata. Even for Vashishtha Mooni or Bharata or Shatrughna, or Hanumanta, Lakshmana gave them support with his tongue. Where is my Humanity? My humanity is not in staying like KALAP. I should use my tongue to maintain human relation with other man and same tongue I have to use to create relation with Parmeshwar. I must properly say HIS prayer, HIS NAM, and being a man is I should behave with other groups of man like a group. Since RIGVEDA, SAMUHIK UPASANA were performed. These UPASANA teach us how one man should behave with other man, how two men can behave without making crowd like a society. We behave like many deer’s ran away when a tiger comes to catch his prey. We should think that why we can’t behave like human with other human? We don’t stay in a society we stay in a Kalap like deer’s. this Soumitrivastal Ram protects that relation of a man with other man which ends his own aloneness. Ram himself has followed every responsibility of a Society. Every relation He has lived like a MARYADA PURUSHOTTAM. He behaved in same way to kaikayi and Sumitra as He behaved with Kaustalya. He behaved equally with Lakshmana and Bharata and Shatrughna. He never made separation in rich and poor in his citizens. Ram never broke off His own Rules even for HIMSELF. Thus Ram teaches us what to do and what should not be done, and in such situations what He does is Dharma. BAPU said don’t make Him too small by saying HE is not following Dharma. Following a Dharma is for us. Dharma is that thing which HE does then our Buddhi will remain stable. Human’s humanity will become stable here. Ram knows who is VALI and who is SUGREEVA in SAMUHIK UPASANA. He knows it very well that who is BHEEMA and who is DURYODHANA? And if time comes HE knows how to decide Dharma and how to utilize Dharma and how to reestablish Dharma. You don’t think about it. You have to decide whether you want to stand in Duryodhana’s side or Krishna ’s Side. Krishna has warned and indicated to every one. But no one listened to HIM and every indication HE had made with tongue only. HE has clearly said in VAIKHARI VANI and not through AAKASHVANI. HE always gives us clear indications and with tongue only through Vani only and then we must follow HIS VANI as per HIS indications. We may not be able to read VEDA, and then also nothing harms us. Tukaram maharaj said he understood only that much after reading VEDA that one should chant VITTHOBA’S NAME. Tukoba never expected anything from any one. RAMDAS told to chant RAMNAM. Remember Ram was not beggar. He was King, Prince, and Krishna too was Prince, they could have become great King. But they have directed Dharma. So they will never advise us to become beggar. But it is our responsibility to behave like them. Why AVTAR (incarnation) take place? We should understand that we don’t know how we should behave and to teach us and to show us and to guide us by holding our hands, Incarnation takes place. SAI came and SAI went. HARI came and HARI went. But have you improved? Remember we must carefully make use of RAM, KRISHNA and SAI. So first we should maintain relation of one man with other man with this tongue and we should protect this support and to protect this support we have to do SAMUHIK UPASANA. While doing UPASANA, even my enemy is sitting next to me, he is praying to the same Parmeshwar, so Parmeshwar will see to give better to both of us and I should always remember this thing. Parmatma can make both happy simultaneously, which a man can’t do. When a man does SAMUHIK UPASANA, his mind’s BHAV reaches to Parmeshwar. Every one should follow MARYADA like PRABHU RAMCHANDRA. And for this HEY! SOUMITRIVASTAL RAM, and RAM who loved Lakshmana, You get my MARYADA followed by me, because You are MARYADA PURUSHOTTAM.


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