Social work, charitable activities, conservation, interfaith thinking and scientific attitude blend seemlessly in this unique programme.

1. Charkha: Yarn spun by volunteers is made into cloth to be distributed among needy students and their families.

2. Gograss Yojana: Grass grown by volunteers in areas where water is available year round, is collected and sent to famine-stricken areas as fodder for cattle.

3. Raddi Yojana: Old paper collected from people is converted into paper bags to use instead of non-biodegradable plastic. Paper pulp is used to make articles for distribution to needy students as incentive to go to school.

4. Old is Gold Yojana: Old utensils, clothing, books, toys etc, will be collected for distribution to needy students.

5. Warmth of Love Yojana: Torn cloth is used to make quilts for the poor.

6. Vidya Prakash Yojana: Candles and matchboxes are donated for use by students who do not have electricity to enable them to study.

7. Cleanliness Yojana: Cleaning up of public schools, hospitals and places of worship is undertaken by volunteers.

8. Ahilya Sangh Yojana: Will work towards the empowerment of women.

9. New Universal Dharmagrantha: To free society of unnecessary ritual and blind faith, a new

Dharma—confluence of Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism and Buddhism—will be introduced by Bapu.

10. Information Bank: Every Thursday, before his discourse, Bapu will impart scientific information and update devotees on new scientific discoveries.

11. Bhartiya Bhasha Sangram: To inculcate a sense of brotherhood among Indians, volunteers will learn at least one language other than their mother tongue.

12. Study of the Five Continents: Progress and politics of the five continents will be studied.

13. Disaster Management Volunteers: An academy of Disaster Management will train volunteers to tackle natural and man-made disasters.

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